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Let It Slide

Let It Slide Information
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Easily one of the best games to come out in a while, many people (including myself) consider Let It Slide a great reminisce of classic Super Mario Bros. The only really bad thing is that it doesn't last very long with only three levels, and the difficulty is fairly high. Unless you particularly dislike classic side scrollers, you'll have a hard time not having fun with this game.


To move left or right, just hold the corresponding key on your keyboard. Press your space bar to jump, and hold it down to jump further than normal. To collect gems and hearts, just jump or walk over them. Same old, same old, except for one simple thing: the sliding factor. On all three levels, ice coats the ground at all times; whenever you move across it and stop, you'll slide a little bit. The faster you were going when you stopped, the farther you'll slide.

Mustn't forget the helicopter hat, though: a couple of times in the second level and a few times in the third you'll see the special, previously mentioned device. It's a little brown hat with a helicopter-thing on the top; to collect and put it on, just go across it. Using it requires holding down your space bar while in the air, enhancing your jumping capabilities by giving you a downward glide. It also acts as a shield, so that when you're wearing it and you get hurt, it'll disappear and you'll keep your otherwise lost life!

Helicopter Hat
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the miraculous helicopter--beanie?


Gabars, the only other kind of petpet other than the hero Snuffly in the game, are the sole living enemies you'll encounter. Run into one and you'll lose a life, though the one you run into will also disappear so you won't have to worry about him. Really, there are three different types of Gabars to deal with (though you'll encounter both Green and Yellow ones, there doesn't seem to be a real difference between them): regular, flying and the boss at the end of the game.

Regular Gabars just walk back and forth and a few jump up and down, all continuously. However, a few of them also throw snowballs left and right, depending on which side of them you're on; if one of their snowballs hit you, unfortunately, you'll only make the snowball disappear. Tougher than the snowball-throwers are the flying Gabars, managing the feat by use of the same headgear you can get yourself: the helicopter hat. Unfortunately, you can't knock theirs off without losing a life and making them disappear anyway.

You may not see the mysterious boss Gabar for a while; he appears literally right before the end of the game and you'll most likely need some practice to get there. However, he's really not so special; he's about twice as big as normal Gabars and throws monster snowballs ahead of him, but dash under him at the right time and he's no trouble. If you're not after a high score or anything, losing a life to get past him is fine too, if you have any to spare that is.


Being so few courses, naturally there are plenty of different things to keep you from getting past each of them, not counting the Gabars. If you get far enough, there's no way around dealing with them; better to learn about them now and be prepared later.

  • The most simple obstacle is water; on the second and third levels you'll have to get past some pools of water, which if you touch you'll lose a life and have only a few seconds to get out before you lose another. To avoid falling in, there are always obvious ways to get across, though not always easy to use.
  • Spikes are found only in the third level, and not much explanation of them is necessary; if you touch them, you'll lose a life. Just avoid them and you'll be fine, of course.
  • Less of an obstacle than a difficult travel method, sometimes you'll come across giant floating ice cubes that you must jump across to get over some water. When you jump on them, they'll tilt heavily to whatever side you're on, so if you don't get off quickly you'll slide right into the water!
  • Lifts and ice platforms (which melt and grow back after a few seconds when you stand on them) are some of the most common ways to get around most obstacles. That includes the times you'll only get one ice platform at the beginning of a long stretch of water; in cases like that, jumping on that one will trigger another one to appear, and jumping on the second will trigger another, etc.

Icy Ramp
Use icy ramps like these to jump at the right time and get extra goodies!

The Three Levels

The first thing to know about the levels besides their escalating difficulty is their length, which adds to how tough they are. They still take only a few minutes each to get through, but all that time can only add to the likelihood of an accident and thus the loss of a life. I'm sad to say I have no full-level screenshots to present so that you can know what to expect on each, but going through them doesn't take tons of practice; just a little. Before playing for a high score, go through all you can just to know what's coming.

The first level is a fairly easy one: really, it's just for easing you into the gameplay. You'll encounter a few Gabars, lifts, ice platforms and a lot of ice ramps later in the level, but nothing terribly dangerous. It's no sweat.

The second level is certainly tougher: water is placed all over it, including near the beginning, and you'll find flying and snowball-throwing Gabars here. The first few times you play you may get frustrated by it and not even able to get through it, but keep practicing and it won't hinder you for long. On the plus side, you'll also find a couple of helicopter hats later in the level!

The third level is by no means easy, even if you're good at the game. It has all previous elements in it plus spikes and swinging pendulums that are quite tricky to jump on and off of, and you'll have to do so to get through. More helicopter hats are placed here and there; practice makes perfect, blah blah blah, but just keep in mind that when you fall into water you need to get out very quickly or you'll lose another life for staying in. It's an important tip for the level...

Miscellaneous Extras

Gems (basically green diamonds) are scattered throughout the levels but are not actually necessary to get through them. Lives, in the form of big red hearts, are found occasionally in each level; they're not in particularly hidden places, but in the second and third levels you won't have an easy time getting to many of them. You can collect a maximum of six lives. The clock in the top right corner of the game screen is only for bonus points; you don't have to start the level over if you don't finish it in time.


Two last things; in the second and third levels, you'll run into some giant brown boulders that you usually have to roll on to get past a certain obstacle. To roll it, just jump onto its left or right side and it'll slowly roll the other way; simple gravity at work! In the same levels you'll find geyser-things that blow you upward (not just up) when you stand over them; hold down your up arrow key to fly higher with them!

Cheat: If you type stalactites during gameplay you'll get an extra life, which amounts to fifty extra points if you don't waste it by dying. You can only use it once per game.

Good graphics, good music, and (if you give it a chance) a fun game. Good luck getting through the whole thing, and enjoy the adorable petpet stars!


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