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Legends and Letters

On May 20, 2020, Neopets announced that Legends & Letters will be discontinued, and the app was removed from app stores on July 22, 2020. At that time, the app was still playable if you had already had it downloaded to your device but is no longer available if you don't already have it.

The servers powering the game were slated to shut down on December 31, 2020 and end game play, but as of late 2021 are still active and allowing game play.

Getting Started


If this is the first time you've opened the game, you'll get a loading screen while the game finishes installing (this can take some time, but whenever you open the app in the future it will load this section far quicker). During the first time you view this screen, you will have to indicate if you are above or below 17 years of age, and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the app. You must complete these to continue playing the game.

With that done, you'll be thrown into the prologue of the game, with Aurrick telling Scrap a tall tale about a mystical tablet. During the comics, you can tap the screen to move onto the next page.

This introduction will also give you your first taste of the main gameplay in Legends and Letters - battles. For this first battle, Aurrick will walk you through the controls. It's largely impossible to lose this first battle, so don't worry.

You can tap the screen to skip any of Aurrick's directions in this tutorial. First, you will have to spell the word 'WORD' by dragging letters onto the board. Keep in mind, the first word placed in any battle must have at least one letter on the central star tile.

All following words you make in your next turns must use at least one letter of an already placed word. Letters cannot be placed diagonally, instead you need to place them in straight horizonal or vertical lines.

Also on the game board you will find two types of powerup, Bombs and Potions. To collect these, just place any letter of a successful word on their tiles.

Bombs will instantly cause significant damage to all enemies in the battle (just under a third of their health). Potions, meanwhile, will heal a significant chunk of health for your party. Note that potions cannot overheal, so if your party is already at full health, there is no point in picking them up. Both potions and bombs are one use. Once you pick one up, it will be removed from the board and cannot be reused by placing a new tile on the same space.

The Legends and Letters game board is the same in all battles within the story mode, so these powerups will always be in the same places. However, a different board exists for Monster Battles.

As the battle progresses, Aurrick will tell you that one of your party - Stan - is ready to use his special attack. All of your characters (and your enemies) have a special attack that they can use in battle after a certain amount of turns. The 'cooldown' between special attacks is shown in the top right of their small portrait in battle. Similarly, enemies have their cooldown shown on the left of their health bar. When an enemy's cooldown reads 0, they will use their special attack on the next turn.

To use your own special attacks, you must first click the character portrait with the flashing background, and then click the enemy (or ally, in the case of healers) you wish to use the ability on. Special attacks can be very powerful, so it is best to use them to your advantage.

Should you ever find yourself unable to form any new words with the letters you have, there are options. Clicking the buttons next to the submit button at the bottom of the board will help you out. Tapping the button on the left and then the leftmost button of those that appear will remove all letter tiles currently on the board, allowing you to start again fresh (your first word will, as usual, have to go across the star icon). The button next to this will give you an entirely fresh set of letters to pick from. Both these buttons will cost you a turn in battle to use.

There's also the option to use any special potions you have by tapping the button on the far left, and then selecting the potion from the middle of the screen. These can be purchased from the app's Gem Store and typically heal your party or revive downed allies. Only three can be equiped at a time, with a limit of three of each specific powerup per battle.

The right most icon will rearrange your letter tiles to help you find words easier, while buttons on the left and right of the 'Battle' button will modify the game's speed. The button on the right will increase the attack speed of both allies and enemies, up to x3, by tapping on it. The button on the left, meanwhile, activates the auto-battle feature. This allows your team to attack automatically without spelling words. This is useful for grinding levels later in the game, but be aware your attacks will always be at the lowest possible multiplier, and the computer AI will sometimes act inefficiently. It is best to use auto-battle on battles you are confident you will win.

Strategy for Maximising Damage

The game's tutorial never spells this out, but it is possible to vastly increase the power of your attacks by combining words. The key to this is making a move that the game identifies as giving a MEGA bonus. Typically, most single words you spell will at best provide an Excellent bonus, but the MEGA bonus will drastically increase the attack power of your party.

In order to take advantage of this, begin by spelling a word as usual. In this example, we'll use 'LORE'. Then, on the line either above or below this word, spell a new word which also uses letters of the original to spell other words. In this example, we could place an M above the O in 'LORE', an O above the R, a W above the E followed by a N to form the word 'MOWN'. However, this will also spell the words 'MO', 'OR', and 'WE'. This will result in a MEGA multiplier to your attack values, as shown below.

Assuming this does not finish your opponents off in one move, you can continue to make new words in a similar fashion, again on the next row down or above, to make new MEGA bonuses.

Selecting Levels

After you finish the prologue, you will be prompted to create a Neopet from a list. This will be your player character in the game, and you can name them whatever you like (unlike Neopets, unique names are not needed, so you can pick what you like). These basic Neopets are known as Party Leaders in game. They act as a character in your party and all have special attacks that are both very powerful and come with extra bonuses.

Why can't I log into my Neopets.com account? The Legends and Letters app requires you to create a completely new account, separate from your Neopets.com account. This Legends and Letters account will allow you to save your progress in the game across devices. You cannot use your Neopets.com username and password to log in (but you can likely choose the same username). Once you have created a Legends and Letters account, you will be able to link your Neopets.com account (as of late October 2019).

It is possible to have more than one Neopet, and switch between them, but this will cost a large amount of Gems (this game's premium currency).

After selecting the species and colour of your Neopet, and naming them, you will be able to play the game proper. You'll appear on the main screen and have three choices, Monster Battles Codex, and World Map. Codex is a record of character cards you have collected, Monster Battles are a feature used to level up your characters, and the main story can be found on the World Map. Tap it to be taken to the next screen, with all other locations aside from Krawk Island locked. To begin playing, tap Krawk Island and then the first level, and then 'Go'.

On the level description you will see a yellow lightning symbol with a number by it. This signifies how much energy will be consumed by launching the level. Energy is limited in Legends and Letters, and each Neopet Leader only starts with a maximum of 15 energy at a time. This slowly restores over time, but if it is near 0, you will be unable to play any levels for a a few minutes. As you level up your Neopet leader, the maximum energy they can have will increase. Currently, the maximum is 50.

This energy bar is tied to Neopets rather than accounts, so if you have purchased another Party Leader you can switch to them in order to keep playing. You can also buy Smoothies from the game's Gem Store to replenish energy early, but they too will cost Gems.

If you have the Gem Store item known as Skip Tickets, you will be able to use these on the level description screen to skip playing a level and go straight to the final loot. Note that you can only use Skip Tickets on levels you have already beaten regularly.

The next screen will allow you to prepare for battle.

Here, you can select which of your pre-set parties you wish to use. You can switch between Party Leaders and change which characters are in your party here, if you wish.

Under your party, there will also be a list of Neopets. You can pick one as a bonus member of your party for the battle. If you have any friends, they will appear near the top of the list. However, using a friend in battle will put them on a cooldown, meaning you cannot call on their help for some time.

Some specific story battles also have Neopian characters you can use as your bonus member, such as Aurrick or Fyora.

Card Inventory

Pressing the card symbol to the left of the home icon on the map screen will launch your card inventory. Cards represent the characters you have recruited for your adventure that you can add to your party. Your Neopet, like others, is represented here as its own card. Space in this inventory is limited, but can be increased by earning experience in the game or paying with Gems. You can tap on each individual card to read details about them.

Each character has a variety of stats, shown on their cards:

Attack - This is the base damage your character will do, multiplied by the bonus you get for spelling long words on the game board.

Armor - This is how well your character will defend against the attacks of your enemies, reducing their damage.

Health - When a character's Health reaches 0, they are removed from the game unless you use a Revive Potion from the Gem Store.

Strength - The overall power of your character taking into account all of their stats.

Element - There are four elements in Legends and Letters: Fire, Water, Earth, and Lightning. These give 35% bonuses against enemies of different elements while also being 35% weaker against another. Water is strong against Fire, Fire is strong against Earth, Earth is strong against Lightning, and Lightning is strong against Water. This cycle is shown on the top left of a battle's screen. A character's element can be seen by the background they appear on while inspecting their screen, and by an icon in the smaller view.

Rarity - Cards are sorted into 4 rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Typically, rarer characters have better stats and can level up further.

Party Size - Each character has a size, and this increases depending on Star rating, being the current Star rating of a character +2 (making the current maximum size 7). There is a limit on total Party Size in battle, which can be increased by earning experience on your account.

Level - Each time you level up a character, some of its stats will increase.

Star - Each time a character reaches the maximum level, they can be 'ascended' to a new star rating and begin leveling again to further increase stats while keeping their pre-ascension stats. The maximum stars a character can attain is dictated by card rarity, with Legendaries having 5 stars.

Details on the character's special attack and cooldown will also be shown here.

Secondary Stats

Secondary Stats can also be viewed by scrolling down this screen. The majority of Secondary Stats can only be altered by the special attacks of Neopet party leaders. They are:


Effect: WORDS

Armor Penetration

Effect: Allows the character to ignore a certain amount of an enemy's armor.

Secondary Stats
Icon Name Effect
Armor Penetration Allows the character to ignore a certain amount of an enemy's armor.
Critical Chance The percentage chance of this character performing a critical attack.
Critcal Damage The damage multiplier applied should the character perform a successful critical attack.
Dodge This is the chance of a character successfully evading an attack.
Accuracy This increases the chance of a character making a successful attack and not having the enemy 'dodge' it.
Leech Unknown. Currently this stat does not appear on any characters in the game.
Regen Unknown. Currently this stat does not appear on any characters in the game.
Speed This allows a character to attack twice whenever they get a turn.

Tapping the 'Details' tab at the bottom will show further stats, such as lore and elemental affinities. The character's Type will also be displayed here. These are fixed per character, and give general bonuses to specific stats.

Character Types
Type Characteristics
Nuker These characters tend to have slightly elevated attack ratings.
Tank These characters tend to have very high defence ratings.
Glass Cannon These characters tend to have very high attack ratings, but relatively lower health.
Accurate These characters tend to have an increased accuracy rating.
Evader These characters tend to have an increased dodge rating, allowing them to dodge attacks more successfully.
Balanced The characteristics of this type are currently unclear.
Anti Tank These characters tend to have an increased armor penetration rating.
Fast The characteristics of this type are currently unclear.
Crit Hitter These characters tend to have both increased critical hit chance and damage.
Normal The characteristics of this type are currently unclear.
Utility The characteristics of this type are currently unclear.

Leveling Up

In order to get stronger, characters must be levelled up. This can be done by clicking the 'Level Up' button while inspecting a card.

You must consume other character cards in order to level up your chosen character. Rarer and higher level cards will apply more experience, and you can only consume 5 cards at a time. Leveling costs Coins, starting lower for cosuming one card with smaller increments for extra cards applied at the same time. This means it is best to bulk level. It costs progressively more cards the higher your level reaches. Note that there is bonus experience applied for consuming cards of the same element as the one you are leveling, and a further bonus if you consume a card of the same character.

Note that there is a limit on each character's leveling. Once they have hit that level, they must be 'ascended' to continue increasing stats.


To ascend a character card, tap the 'Ascend' button at the bottom of the card inspection screen.

Ascending a card will reset it to level 1, but with a higher star rating and a higher level cap. It will keep the previous stats before ascension.

Ascending again costs Coins and consumes other character cards. However, unlike leveling, ascension requires specific types of cards, namely those of the same element and increasing star rating. The higher the level of star rating you are currently at, the more and rarer cards will be required to ascend. Note that only cards that are at the maximum level of their current star rating can be ascended.

Added in version 1.6.0, ascension also requires Ascension Stones. These can only be obtained by taking part in the Monster Battles feature on the app's main page, and rarely through bonus chests.

Rainbow Pond

Although you gain new character cards as loot for finishing levels, you can also unlock them via the Rainbow Pond, the symbol to the right of the home icon in the navigation menu.

Here, the Rainbow Fountain Faerie will accept summon tokens to unlock new characters. These are rewards for leveling up your account and can also be purchased from the Gem Store and gained rarely from bonus chests. There are two tiers, Common and Rare. Although, it is possible to get a character of a higher rarity than the token you put into the Rainbow Pond.

There is also the option to watch an advertisement in exchange for a free Common Summon Token. This can only be done once per hour.

The drop rate for various cards is listed in the Gem Store for all tokens that are sold there. Tapping on the red 'i' symbol next to each token there will display the information. However, information on drop rates for non-gem tokens (such as the free ones from watching adverts) are not currently available.

Friends List

On the far right of the navigation menu you will find your friends list. Here, you can also find a section to input a friend's unique code to add them, and find your own Buddy Code should you wish to tell others. You also get the option to befriend random Neopets you select as your bonus party member after completing a level with them.

The number of Friends you can have is limited, but the List size increases as you level up your account.

Pending friend requests are listed under the 'Waiting for Reply' heading, and can be deleted by tapping the red 'X'. Similarly, any friend on your normal list can also be deleted here by tapping the red 'X' next to their name.

This article was written by: JN Staff

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