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Krawps Information
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To place a bet on the Bilge Line, you first click on it a few times to place down a few chips. The value of your chips (the chip denomination) is determined when you start to play Krawps at the beginning.

The first thing that happens is that you get to roll the dice. Then depending on the number you roll, different things will happen.

  • 7, 11 - You'll get back your bet but your original wager is still in play, so it'd be a free bet!
  • 2, 3, 12 - Will cause you to immediately lose the bet and your Neopoints.
  • 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 - A skull number will be set and a skull will appear upon the top of the board to signify this.

Once you get the skull number started, you have to roll the skull number again before you roll a seven in order to win. Rolling a seven first results in complete lost; rolling the skull number will win you double what you bet! There are other bets you can also make to add on to the Bilge Line bet. But to end these bets you have to end your Bilge Line bet as well, then you can start all over if you'd like.

Skull Numbers

The Odds Bet allows you to add more chips to your Bilge Line Bet and is basically won the same way as the Bilge Line. You just keep rolling until you re-roll the skull number. However, you're only allowed to bet twice as much on the Odds Bet as you originally bet on the Bilge Line and the amount you win back from the Odds Bet will depend on what your skull number is.

The higher the probability your skull number has to being rolled before rolling a seven, the fewer Neopoints you'll win back from the Odds Bet.

Number Bets, as they involved the part of the board with the numbers, can only be made after a skull number is set up with your Bilge Line Bet. You'll place your chips on one of the numbers and hope you'll roll it before the seven, it's very similar to the Bilge Line really. If you do roll your number before the skull or a seven, you'll win the bet and a profit! If you roll a skull before the number, your bet is returned and no profit is made. If you roll a seven, the Number Bet is lost and you will lose Neopoints.

One-Turn-Only Bets

The Anchor is a risky, but simple, bet that lasts only one turn. You don't even need a skull number set to make an Anchor Bet. Whether or not you win and how much you win all depends on what the next number you roll will be.

  • 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 - You win back your bet and no profit is made.
  • 2, 12 - You win back twice your bet and profit is made! But remember that these two rolls are the most improbable of all the possible numbers.
  • 5,6,7,8 - You lose your bet and in turn lose Neopoints.

Krawk Hi and Krawk Lo Bets also last only one turn, like the 'Ardway Bets. Basically, if you want to win a Krawk Hi, you have to roll a 12 on your next turn. If you want to win a Krawk Lo, you have to roll a 2 on your next turn. Again, these are the two numbers with the least amount of probability of being rolled with dice. While the payout is high, it's not very likely you'll win.

Okay, I lied, 'Ardway Bets last longer than one turn, but 'Ardway Bets also don't need skull numbers to be placed. Basically, in order to win an 'Ardway Bet, you must roll the dice in the same pattern of pairs as shown on the board before a seven is rolled or before the number is rolled without pairs.

For example, if I made an 'Ardway Bet on the pair of fours, which come to a total of eight, but then rolled a three and a five, I would lose. This is because, although three and five add up to eight, they're not the fours I made the 'Ardway Bet on.

And so this concludes our Krawps Game Guide, hopefully you understand the game a bit better now. Beware, not all gambling ventures shall be successful. In fact, most won't be. Good luck any way!

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