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Kookia Information
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All across Neopia, Kookiths are escaping from their shelters. Armed with nothing more than a mouse (or tablet--a touchpad really isn't recommended for this) and the space bar on your keyboard, it's your job to round them up. Gotta catch 'em all, Kookia!

How to Play

To capture Ghost Kookiths, you need to click on them. If you successfully get 3 or more of them during a level, you're admitted into a bonus round. To capture all other types of Kookith (normal, Jelly, Fire, Strawberry, and the Gold ones in bonus rounds), simply hover over them.

Every time you capture a Kookith, the meter at the top of your screen gets filled in a bit. When the meter is full, you can press the space bar to slow down the Kookiths' movement, making them easier to catch.

You must catch at least 80% of the Kookiths in order to proceed to the next level.

General Tips & Strategy

  • I find it easier if the game is centered instead of squished to the left, so I use one of these links: High Quality | Regular Quality | Low Quality
  • Generally, for relatively fast computers, high or regular quality will produce better results. Low quality works better for extremely slow computers, or if you have many other programs/applications open at the same time. Once you become familiar with the game, you can toggle the quality, width, and height, to see which one will help your score the most.
  • If you're using a mouse, check your device's speed. (In Windows, you can do this by going to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Mouse.) Double Click Speed and Pointer Options (Motion) should be set closer to the Fast side.
  • On Hard mode, the first Kookith you capture will be worth 100 points; the next one will be worth 200, then the one after that will be worth 300, etc., all the way up to 800 points. Once you get to 800, try to keep collecting Kookiths in a row so you keep getting the maximum points. If you break the combo, you'll start back at 100 points again. (Ghost Kookiths are always worth twice as much, so if your previous captured Kookith was worth 800 points and then you got a Ghost Kookith, the Ghost would be worth 2 x 800 = 1600 points.) This strategy applies to the Easy and Normal modes as well, but the point values will be less.
  • Since Ghost Kookiths appear in roughly the middle of a trail of other Kookiths, you can go into a clicking frenzy when you see Kookiths of any kind during a level. That way, you're less likely to miss.
  • During bonus rounds, wait until you have a cluster of Kookiths before pressing space bar to use the meter. Then quickly snatch up those petpets.
  • Your meter will be reset to empty at the beginning of each level, so use them up during bonus rounds.
  • Memorise the location and the order that the Kookiths will appear for each area.
  • If you want a trophy or to achieve a score worthy of AAA, you must play on Hard mode.

Game Play - Video Demo

Here's one of my first attempts at playing the game. If you memorise where they spawn, you can catch them before they fly all across your screen. With some practice, I'm sure you'll surpass this score. :D


Each level starts out with an exterior shot, and then it'll zoom in on a certain area. The order that you get these zoomed-in areas will be different each time you play; however, the order that the Kookiths spawn for a particular area will remain constant (see screenshots below).

Level 1 - Brightvale

We start off with a leisurely level. I try to wait for the next wave of Kookiths to show up before finishing off the current wave, because then I can capture more of them in a row. Aim to have a full meter by the end of the level so you can use it in the bonus round. Don't worry if you don't get 100% of the Kookiths or if you couldn't prolong the combo, there'll be more opportunities later.

There are 94 Kookiths; you need to get at least 76 to move on to the next level.

Level 2 - Brightvale Castle

Surprisingly, this is the most evil level of the whole game. It's easy to fail because the Kookiths are more spaced out and they travel in frustrating arcs. Do anything and everything you can to get as many Kookiths as possible. Don't save your full meter for the bonus round, start utilising it as much as possible during the level. I normally love clicking like crazy, but when things get out of hand I find it easier to hover across the trails of Kookiths to get rid of them and then come back for the Ghost Kookiths. Missing one Ghost Kookith is not as bad as missing an entire trail of regular ones!

There are 72 Kookiths; you need to get at least 58 to move on to the next level.

Level 3 - Meridell

You made it to level 3! It gets better from here and you'll be able to score a ton of points now. :D Prepare for some lag, though, because when you're in the cabbage patch, you'll get a swarm of Kookiths.

There are 83 Kookiths; you need to get at least 67 to move on to the next level.

Level 4 - Meridell

There'll be swarms of Kookiths in the fir tree, treetops, and bushes, but these will be devoid of Ghost Kookiths, so it's easy to hover and drag your mouse to make them all disappear.

There are 84 Kookiths; you need to get at least 68 to move on to the next level.

Level 5 - Darigan Citadel

Your hourglass meter should be filling up very quickly during the Darigan levels. Use them wisely. Kookiths will be spawning faster.

There are 82 Kookiths; you need to get at least 66 to move on to the next level.

Level 6 - Darigan Citadel

Kookiths move in straight lines or they jump out at you. No swirling, intersecting arcs! Hooray! If you continue clicking like crazy, you should do well.

There are 94 Kookiths; you need to get at least 76 to move on to the next level.

Level 7 - Kiko Lake

A nice, relaxing level. You don't even need to use your meter to slow things down.

There are 72 Kookiths; you need to get at least 58 to move on to the next level.

Level 8 - Kiko Lake

Time to fight the boss! The giant Mutant Kookith will move about randomly and spawn smaller Kookiths. There are no Ghost Kookiths and there's no meter to slow things down, so all you need to do is hover. Then you'll be asked to click on the Mutant Kookith five times in order to capture it. There's no bonus round after this so don't worry about your accuracy, just try to get lots of points.

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