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Kiko Pop

As of January 12, 2021, Kiko Pop is not available. In order to play this daily, Adobe Flash is needed which was discontinued on January 12th by Adobe. We anticipate TNT will be converting this feature to be Flash-free at some point.

Kiko Pop is a fun game set up on the shore of Kiko Lake by Elvin. He allows people to throw darts at balloons in the hopes of popping them.

Playing the Game

Elvin is a generous host, and will give you the option of three different difficulties of game when you visit him. Harder difficulties will reward rarer prizes, but the balloons are also much harder to hit.

Once you have chosen the difficulty, Elvin will begin spinning the board. The objective is to hit and pop any of the balloons on the board by aiming and clicking with your mouse. Don't worry if you have perfect aim and still seem to miss, the game is rigged in a way similar to those in the Deserted Fairground. The appearances of the balloons and where you aim doesn't truly make a difference; whether (and what) you'll win is set as soon as you go to play.


If you successfully hit and pop a balloon, you will reveal an icon of a prize. Elvin will then tell you that you have played your fair share of Kiko Pop - you may only play once per day.

Prize possibilities range based on difficulty, and can also be determined by the icon shown when the balloon is popped. The known categories are Wearables, Books, Food, Battledome, Toys, Present (multiple item types), and the Question Mark. The Question Mark gives items normally given out by dailies, regardless of rarity, and also has the chance to give you the avatar.

Prize rarities are effected by both the difficulty and the icon shown. The item you receive will always fall within the rarity restrictions of the difficulty you select, but individual categories may have higher minimums or lower maximums. Those limits are as follows:

  • The Ball icon gives an item in the Toy category from rarity 50-89.
  • The Book icon gives an item in the Book category from rarity 45-85.
  • The Food icon gives an item in the Food category from rarity 20-89.
  • The Clothes icon gives a clothing item from rarity 45-85. Possibilities are a Clothes item from rarity 45-85, a Gift item from rarity 45-85, a Mystical Surroundings item from rarity 65-85, or an Ugga Shinies item from rarity 65-85.
  • The Sword icon gives an item from Battle Magic or Ice Crystal from rarity 60-89; if playing on Easy, it may instead give a Healing Potion.
  • The Present icon gives a random item from rarity 34-89.
  • The Question Mark icon gives items normally given out by dailies, and also has the chance to give you the avatar.

Easy & Effortless

An item between Rarity 20-79. When the Sword icon is revealed, it may instead give a Healing Potion

Standard, I Can Take It

An item between Rarity 60-89. You have a fairly equal chance for each rarity in the range. The Question Mark icon is available on this difficulty.

Super Crazy Hard!!!

An item between Rarity 70-89. The Question Mark icon is available on this difficulty.


Kiko Pop

Kiko Pop / Guide

Awarded from Kiko Pop by popping a balloon to reveal the "?" paper. (Anecdotally, this only happens when playing on the Medium or Hard options.)

Released: August 29, 2014

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