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Kiko Match II

Kiko Match II Information
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It's Kiko Match, the ultimate test of memory! Flip cards to discover pairs of everyone's favourite* Neopet, the Kiko! Uncover images of beloved Kiko characters, such as Niten Hiroru, Bellanie, and even the dastardly Captain Dread! Do you have what it takes to... KIKO MATCH?!

*May not reflect popular opinion.

Kiko Screaming
It's gonna be intense!

How to Play

The board in Kiko Match consists of several face-down cards, laid out in a grid. To play, click on a card with your mouse to flip it over, then click on a second card. If both cards feature the same Kiko design and background color, it's a match, and the cards will be removed from the board. If the cards don't match, they will be flipped back over. To win, you must remember where cards are and make matches to clear the board. You can type the code ineedmoretime once per game to add fifteen seconds to the clock, which is recommended when low on time in later rounds, as when you run out of time the game will end.

Game Screen
Is that Kargrax? I think it is! Oh boy!

The game consists of fourteen rounds, with new cards (and thus more matches to be made) added each round. In the first six rounds, new Kiko designs with blue backgrounds will be added; after this, the Kiko designs on new cards will repeat, with differently-colored backgrounds. You are only able to make a match between two cards with the same Kiko design and background color.

Round Breakdown
Round Time Matches New Cards
1 10 2 Round 1
2 15 3 Round 2
3 20 4 Round 3
4 25 6 Round 4
5 30 8 Round 5
6 55 10 Round 6
7 70 12 Round 7
8 85 15 Round 8
9 105 18 Round 9
10 155 21 Round 10
11 175 24 Round 11
12 205 28 Round 12
13 255 32 Round 13
14 255 36 Round 14


You will be awarded 10 points upon completing a round, and 5 bonus points for every second left on the clock. Because of this, you should try to finish a round as quickly as possible; see the Strategy section below for more information.

Scores above 3,000 points will fail to submit. Because of this, it is recommended that when you start a round close to 2,995, you calculate how many points you require to reach 2,995, and time your finish to achieve that score. For example, if you have 2,900 points, you need 95; since you will receive 10 points for completing the round, you should try to gain 85 points from the time bonus. Since you are awarded 5 points for every second remaining on the clock, in this example you would want to end the round with 17 seconds, then end the game and submit your score.

Yellow Blue 1 Blue 2 Red 1 Green
Blue 3 Orange Pink Plaid Red 2


The easiest way to keep track of where you've seen which cards is to remember them in the sequence that you've seen them. It's helpful to always start from the same corner, and to turn cards over in the same order. This makes it easier to keep track of where the cards are, as the third card in your remembered sequence will be the third card from the corner you start at.

Of the ten Kiko designs that appear in the game, three of them are blue, and two are red. Between this and the fact that differently-colored backgrounds are added in later rounds, you should try to avoid thinking of the Kikos as being certain colors, and instead focus on their other traits when trying to remember where you've seen them. This allows you to remember shorter sequences; instead of "dark blue yellow background, plain red blue background, medium blue blue background" you could remember "angry yellow, crazy blue, tired blue".

Another noteworthy technique is to seek out specific cards (such as all of the happy pink Kikos, or all of the cards with green backgrounds), ignoring all else. While you can find cards very quickly using this strategy, it will only work if you know which cards are present in each round. If you would like to give this a try, refer to the table in the How to Play section above between rounds and make a mental note of which cards you want to find, and in which order.

Or you could use x-ray goggles. Mwahaha.

Quick Tips

  • Try to remember the Kikos by their facial expressions, rather than their colors.
  • Start in one corner, and work your way in the same direction every round to better remember the locatiions of cards.
  • On the main menu, turn animations off. Over the course of a round, the time spent waiting for the animations of cards flipping over can cost you valuable seconds.
  • Type the code ineedmoretime once per game to add fifteen seconds to the clock.

Holiday Kikos

Every year on October 31 and December 25, a new type of Kiko is added to the game. This Kiko replaces some of the normal colours on each round.

Pumpkin Noel

The colours they replace on each round are:

  1. dark blue
  2. light blue
  3. red
  4. medium blue
  5. pink
  6. plaid
  7. plaid, dark blue with red background
  8. plaid, green with red background
  9. plaid, pink with red background
  10. plaid, plaid with red background, yellow with yellow background
  11. plaid, plaid with red background, red with yellow background
  12. plaid, plaid with red background, pink with yellow background
  13. plaid, plaid with red background, plaid with yellow background, dark blue with green background
  14. plaid, plaid with red background, plaid with yellow background, medium blue with green background


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