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Anchor Management

Governor's Mansion

After Krawk Island mysteriously disappeared and was rebuilt, Gavril McGill took on the role of governor. He moved into a resplendent home--a far cry from the shanty he used to occupy! His first duty was to reward those who had participated in the disappearance event; if you did, you can pick up your prizes by going to the Governor's Mansion. Everyone can visit the mansion once a day for a chance to snag an item through the Anchor Management daily.

Anchor Management

What's that?

Thar be danger lurkin' in these waters, particularly of the tentacle-havin' variety! It's up to you to be protectin' the ropes and anchors that keep the newly-restored Krawk Island in place an' in one piece, so if you spot somethin' behind the rocks or under some seaweed that might be posin' a thread to our beloved isle, then by all means. let 'em have it!

Wha'? Do ye see somethin' in the sea?

This is a very simple activity. Simply click the "Fire!" button to see if you find anything.


After shooting at the krawken, you'll see one of the following text sets along with an item prize. The text is completely random and not related to any particular prizes.

A magnificent shot! That's the last you'll be seeing of that one...
The krawken leaves behind:
It's safe to say that your accuracy is unmatched in these fair waters.
Scurrying away, the krawken leaves you:
Krawk Island's never been safer than when you chose to man the cannons.
Before retreating, the krawken happened to drop:
Ooh, that was a sneaky one! No match for that deadly aim of yours, however...
It seems the krawken's left you a memento:
The bigger they are, the faster they swim away once they've felt the cannon's blast
The krawken retreats in a hurry, leaving behind:
You'd think those pesky sea creatures would be getting' the message by now...
Oh, look! It's a parting gift from the krawken:
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