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Key Quest

Key Quest has been discontinued! Since Neopets transitioned to new servers in September 2014, Key Quest has been offline. In July 2018, it was announced that Key Quest was planned to return as a mobile app, but in December 2019 those plans were officially confirmed as canceled.

Enter the World of Key Quest!

Key Quest awaits!Welcome to our guide to Key Quest! You will find all sorts of information here on every aspect of Key Quest. From basic game play to the power-ups, you will know Key Quest inside out by the time you have read through our guide. ;)

Getting Started

If you are completely new to Key Quest, you will want to check out our how to play section. There, we walk you through the game play and give plenty of tips for beating those other players! However, if you are a seasoned player, you should still check it out (but skip the beginning parts) and get to the bottom where we give plenty of tips for making the most out of power-ups, moving around the board efficiently, and guaranteeing yourself a gold key.

Becoming a Key Quester

Once you feel you've mastered the basics of Key Quest, you might want to take a more in-depth look at some of the common areas in the game. You can find more information and tips on Mini Games, Power-Ups, and even what Prizes you can win!

Are You a Token Collector?

If you are collecting the Key Quest tokens from the plushies, you might want to check out our Goal Counters! You will need a jnAccount to make a goal counter, but it is well worth the sign up! You can create counters to indicate your progress in collecting each token or to keep track of your KQ plays. You can proudly display your counters on your userlookup, shop, pet page, or wherever you wish!

More Info

In addition to information on the basic gameplay of Key Quest, we also have information on other common areas of Key Quest that you won't often see. This includes:

  • Tokens, which shows where specific tokens can be obtained from and how they are aligned,
  • Spaces, which tells you what each space on the Key Quest board is and what their effects are,
  • Alignments, which shows you what landing on an alignment space can do to you, and
  • Events and Cards, which shows the different effects of cards and events, which are triggered after you step on the appropriate space.
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