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Kass Basher

Kass Basher Information
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Neopoint Ratio:
2.38 Points =
1 NP
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Have an issue with Lord Kass? The citizens of Meridell certainly do, and they're willing to let you in on the fun that is Kass Basher.

How To Play

In this game you play as a Blumaroo holding various club-like objects with which to swing at a plushie, shaped like Lord Kass, which falls from a tree branch. The objective in this game is to hit the plushie as far as you can; the farther you hit the plushie, the more points (and Neopoints) you get. Of course, it's not just luck - you have to pay attention to the speed of the wind, and precisely where and when to hit the plushie.

Game Screen

You can use either the left mouse button or the space bar to swing your bat and to control the plushie's cape. Once the plushie has come to a complete stop, a Turtum will run out with a little flag to measure how far you whacked it.

The Difficulty Levels

To begin with you will only have access to easy mode. In this mode, the plushie falls from the tree very slowly and you whack it with a long stick of bread. You can't get very much power behind your swing at this level though. You will need to whack the plushie 175 meters in order to unlock the next difficulty level.

In medium mode you are armed with a wooden stick. This time the plushie falls a little bit faster and you can hit it with a bit more force. You will need to hit it past the 450 meter mark to unlock the final difficulty level.

When playing in hard mode you get to whack the plushie with a spiked bat. The plushie falls from the tree much faster and you can really get some power behind your swing. You can get hits up to and over 1,000 meters in this mode.

The Wind

In the lower left corner of the game screen you will notice a wind-speed indicator. The little flag tacked to the tree branch will show you which direction the wind is blowing in and the number in the bottom corner will tell you how strongly it is blowing. The speed ranges from -9 (blowing strongly from left to right) to 9 (blowing strongly from right to left). Timing your whack to coincide with a strong gust of wind will get you a farther distance.

The Plushie's Cape

Once you have hit the plushie, you still have some control over it while it is in the air. Using either the left mouse button or the space bar you can control whether his cape flaps freely or if it is pulled taut. This can affect how far your plushie flies and can be the deciding factor as to whether you reach a high score or not.

The Drackonack

At around the 820 meter mark, there is a rock. This is what the rock looks like:


Clicking it will cause the Turtum that measures your whacks to be replaced with a Drackonack on your next whack.


Once you have the Drackonack, you have to be a little bit careful to keep him. See, whereas you can make the Turtum hurry across the screen to measure your whack by clicking anywhere on the screen, doing this to make the Drackonack hurry up will cause him to revert back to the Turtum again. He doesn't like being hurried, so be patient if you like the novelty of having him around. He doesn't actively do anything to alter the game in your favour, he just looks cuter than the Turtum.

The Tree

On rare occasions, your bat will be replaced by the whole tree. This is how some Neopians manage to get scores of 1,700 or above. The tree allows you to whack the plushie even harder than the bat, so take advantage if your Blumaroo is holding the tree. You may have to wait a while for the wind to climb to a decent speed, but it will take a lot less time than waiting to get the tree again.

Playing with the tree
Thanks to Tamisha for an image of the tree in action


To start a game, press either the left mouse button or the space bar to make the plushie fall off the tree branch. You should try to hit the plushie when it is at this point:

Plushie positioning

How quickly it gets there will depend on which mode you are playing. It is best to work your way up through the levels and progress to the more difficult stages as soon as you are comfortable, as it is here where you can get the larger distances.

Immediately after you have whacked the plushie, hold down either the space bar or the left mouse key to pull in the plushie's cape. Having it taut against the plushie will make it more aerodynamic and so it will travel higher into the air. Then when the plushie is at its "peak" (just before it starts to descend), release the button to unfurl his cape. This allows the plushie to get the most out of the current gust of wind. Due to this, it is important to time your hit when the wind-speed indicator shows the wind is blowing at an 8 or, whenever possible, at a 9.

Once the plushie hits the ground, there is a way of eeking out a few final meters. As soon as it hits the floor the first time, press and hold the left mouse button or space bar. Do this until it reaches the peak of its second bounce and then release. It is possible to repeat this process a total of 6 times if you time it perfectly, although by the fourth time you are pretty much just clicking and releasing because the time in between the bounces is so short.

If you start a game and the wind speed seems to be sticking around the lower end of the spectrum, click to make the plushie fall but don't swing at it. Then you can click anywhere on the screen to start a new game where, hopefully, the wind speed will be greater. You can repeat this as many times as you like and it won't affect your scores (unless you have enabled the Drackonack).

If your goal is to achieve the avatar for this game, you will need to whack the plushie 850 meters or further to unlock it. In order to get an avatar-worthy score, you should be playing on the hard difficulty and should only be looking to hit the plushie when the wind is blowing at a 9.

Quick Tips

  • You can use either the left mouse button or the space bar to make the Blumaroo swing his weapon of choice.
  • Hold the left mouse button (or the space bar) from the moment the bat hits the plushie to hold in the flappy parts of the plushie's cape. Release once the plushie hits its peak and starts to come down.
  • As the plushie hits the ground, click in time with the impact to make it bounce and gain an extra few yards. This can be done up to six times in quick succession if you time it right.
  • Only hit the plushie when the wind speed is 7 or greater. For an avatar-score you should wait until it reaches 9.
  • Purposefully miss the plushie if your wind speed is 7 or lower. Hopefully, the next time you get to bat the wind speed will be greater.

Whack-A-Kass / Guide

Send a score of 850+ points in Kass Basher.

This avatar can currently only be awarded from the Flash version of the game. The HTML5 version does not yet award it.

When activated, the 2019 Charity Corner perk, More for Less, decreased the score needed to 680+ points.

Released: July 5, 2004

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