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Kaia's Quests


Kaia will randomly appear as a faerie quest when you have at least one Neocash item in your inventory. If you don't want to receive any of Kaia's quests (especially when using a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie or during the Faerie Quest event), then you must not keep any Neocash items in your inventory.

Note that even though Kaia only requests NC items, having an active Kaia quest will still block your access to using the shop wizard.

Did Kaia visit you even though you don't have NC items in your inventory? This can happen due to a glitch with certain NC items (usually MME items that were not properly updated by TNT) remain invisibly in your inventory. Unfortunately, the only way to resolve this is by contacting Neopets support to remove it.


Once a quest from Kaia is active, she will ask for any Neocash item from your inventory and one Pink Paper Bag (costs 75 NC from the NC Mall).

Simply return to Kaia with at least one NC item in your inventory, in addition to the Pink Paper Bag. You can select which NC item to turn in using the dropdown on the left, then click "Give her the items" to turn them in and receive your prize.

If you return to the quests page without an NC item in your inventory, the Kaia quest will expire, saying you've missed your chance to help her.

Specific Requests

Kaia's request can be a bit peculiar. Sometimes, Kaia will have a fixation on certain words. If you have a Neocash item in your inventory that includes one of these words, Kaia may ask for a certain type of item that includes that word:

Kaia appears in a flutter of wings, "I really need a [WORD] Neocash item, and I know you have something I can use. If you are willing to give it to me, I'll be sure to compensate you with another item instead. Think about it. If it's fine with you, just place it in a Pink Paper Bag - I'll keep an eye out for it."

The list of known words she can fixate on is below. If you receive one not listed here, please let us know!

If Kaia gives you a request with one of these words, then the dropdown menu to select which item to give her will include only the items that include that word. However, you do not have to comply with this! Simply remove the items containing that word from your inventory (such as by putting into your Safety Deposit Box), and you will be able to turn in any other Neocash item instead.


Upon completion of the quest, you will receive a random prize from the current pool of exclusive items. The item you turn in has no connection to the prize that you receive.

Kaia's Quest Prizes (October 8, 2020 - Present)

The following are retired prizes previously given out from Kaia's Quests.

Kaia's Quest Prizes (September 20, 2018 - October 7, 2020)

Faerie Quest Guide

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