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Kacheekers Information
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Kacheekers is an onsite game of draughts/checkers, where you play against another real Neopets user!


In Kacheekers, you start with 12 pieces each. The objective of the game is to 'take' your opponent's 12 pieces by jumping over them with your own piece, and landing on a free square behind them.

You can only move diagonally, 1 square at a time (unless you're 'taking' an opponent's piece). To begin with, you can only move forwards; however, later on in the game we'll earn 'kinged' or 'queened' pieces, which can move backwards.

To start the game, move one of your pieces. You won't be able to do anything else this turn. Click the 'Your move' button at the top of the board. Your opponent will then move.

Eventually, you'll end up with a situation where you (or your opponent) can take a piece. All you have to do to do this, is 'jump' over your opponent's piece into an empty square!

If you can jump two of your opponents pieces in one jump, then feel free to. However, there must be a space in between the two pieces.

You can't jump on top of your own pieces. So, although the following looks dangerous, your piece is actually safe, as the blue pieces can't jump over it and 'take' it!

When you get your pieces up to the top of the board, they become king/queen pieces, and have the power to move backwards and forwards! You can tell if a piece is a king/queen, as if you look carefully, you can see that it is actually two pieces piled on top of one another!

After taking all of your opponent's pieces, you are the winner - it's that simple! The only thing you've got to be careful of is a hypothetical 'stalemate', where the only way for the game to end is for one person to deliberately give up. Avoid this situation at all costs!

As a final hint: if you feel as though you are in danger, stay to the side of the boards! Also, try not to move your 'bottom' four pieces if you can help it - as this will allow your opponent to become a 'king' or 'queen'!

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