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Jungle Raiders

Jungle Raiders Information
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Deep within the jungles surrounding the lost city of Geraptiku on Mystery Island, an adventurous Mynci has made a once-in-a-lifetime discovery: a lost treasure, made of solid gold. Unfortunately, just as nature has reclaimed the temples and cities of the island's ancient civilization, so too has it laid claim to the relic. Can the Mynci escape, or will he become just another feature of the all-encompassing jungle?

Also, not tripping over the local wildlife would be a good idea.

How to Play

Jungle Raiders sees our "heroic" Mynci swinging from vine to vine, occasionally landing on platforms and avoiding the native wildlife. The arrow keys on your keyboard are used to move him around, with Up and Down allowing him to climb and descend vines, while the space bar causes him to jump either straight up or in the direction you're holding. Unfortunately, lugging around a (rather heavy) solid gold treasure and wearing boots means that he can only hold on to a single vine at a time, forcing him to leap from one to the next. To get the greatest distance on jumps, you should jump from as low on the vine as you can. The higher reaches of the vines move less with each swing, and if the Mynci is too high you won't be able to jump off. Alternately, if you try to climb too low on the vine, you will simply fall off.

If you fall below the bottom of the screen, you will lose a life and be sent to the nearest platform or vine that is out of reach of enemies. When you lose a life, your health meter will also be reduced by a significant amount. If you lose all of your lives or if your health bar is completely depleted, it will be Game Over.

Game Screen
Just be glad you're not being chased by a rolling boulder...

When jumping between vines, it's always best to wait until the upcoming vine is swinging toward you; even if the vine you're currently on has swung as far forward as possible, if you jump from it at that point you're not guaranteed to reach the next vine. The game has no time limit, so don't be afraid to wait for that perfect opportunity to jump.

Vine Positions
Note the bottoms of the vines, indicating the direction they're swinging.

To make swinging through the treetops a bit easier, there are a number of tropical fruits you can collect. Three of these (the Twirly Fruit, Stramberry, and Pluburb) will each give a unique boost, lasting five seconds. Bear in mind that you can't possess two timed boosts at once, with the most recent collected being the effect the Mynci will exhibit. While under the influence of a power-up, the Mynci will glow the color of the fruit; when the power begins to run out, the glow will fade.

Twirly Fruit Twirly Fruits increase your speed, easily allowing you to jump large gaps.
Stramberry Stramberries render you invulnerable to damage for a short amount of time.
Pluburb Pluburbs allow you to glide through the air, giving you much longer jumps.
Flaming Bomberry Flaming Bomberries refill a portion of your health meter.
Extra Life Each extra life pardons you one instance of allowing our Mynci friend to plummet to the jungle floor.


Throughout the jungle, you'll find coins that can be collected to increase your score. Blue and yellow coins, worth 3 points each, are common across all three of the game's levels. The less common silver coins can only be found in the third level, and will net you 15 points when picked up. While most coins are in plain view, a few in each level will be partially hidden by the foliage near the top of the screen. These will always become visible before you miss your chance to grab them, so don't worry; you won't need to climb to the top of every vine you see.

Hidden Coins

In addition to collecting coins, you can also earn points by knocking enemies out of the trees. Not all enemies you encounter can be defeated, but those that can are worth 10 points each. Any contact made with these creatures that doesn't defeat them will cause damage to your Mynci's health bar, as will the projectiles thrown by some enemies.

Schmoonie Schmoonies are usually found on top of platforms, where they can easily be defeated by jumping on their heads. In some areas, Schmoonies will throw objects at you from the background; these ones cannot be defeated.
Quetzal Quetzals are found sliding up and down vines, blocking your way. To knock them off, get above them on the vine and press the down arrow on your keyboard. This will usually force you to take a small amount of damage.
Enemy Mynci These small native Myncis will peek out of the trees, throwing coconuts, bananas and... Eww, dung at you. While these enemies can't be defeated, you can jump on top of their projectiles to avoid being hit.

Quick Tips

  • Don't rush! This game has no time limit, so don't feel the need to get through it quickly.
  • Even if you lose a life, the effect of a power-up you collected will last the normal amount of time.
  • In order to get the maximum score of 1,534 points, you must collect all of blue, yellow, and silver coins, and knock out all of the Schmoonies and Quetzals on the platforms and vines.

Gold Trophy
Er, this thing isn't cursed, is it...?

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