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JubJub Power Bounce

JubJub Power Bounce is retired! As of spring 2012, tokens are no longer usable and you may no longer play.

JubJub Power Bounce is the very first game to debut in the NC Mall. In order to play, you must purchase JubJub Power Bounce token packs, activate them from your inventory, and then visit the game page in the mall.

Game Play

Once you have a Token Pack in your inventory, click on it and select the "activate" option. Then proceed to the game. Every time you use a token to play, you receive three JubJub balls to throw (this was briefly changed to four JubJub balls in 2011, but has since been reverted back to three). When the ball lands on a rotating disc, you win a prize. If you don't want your first prize, you can play again; if you don't want your second prize, you can play again as well, but you'll be stuck with the prize you get on your third throw. Once you keep a prize, that is the end of your game and you'll have to use another token to play again.

If your ball becomes glitched or you accidentally close the window, you can refresh or come back to the game and you'll be able to resume (it won't take an extra game token from you).

Holiday Suitcases

With the JubJub bouncing off to a new adventure, he has left behind a few suitcases from his travels in the NC Mall. Opening a suitcase grants you one (or more!) retired items from the board the suitcase is themed after. All suitcases also offer the chance at awarding one of two brand-new, special bonus items that were not released elsewhere. (Think of these bonuses like limited-edition items from capsules)

JubJub Power Bounce Suitcase - Gem (Summer)
JubJub Power Bounce Suitcase - Shenkuu (Spring)
JubJub Power Bounce Suitcase - Terror Mountain (Winter)
JubJub Power Bounce Suitcase - Terror Mountain (Holiday)
JubJub Power Bounce Suitcase - Haunted Woods (Halloween)
JubJub Power Bounce Suitcase - Mystery Island (Summer)


You may view a full list of JubJub Power Bounce prizes in our archives, based on release date:

2010 | 2011 | 2012
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