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Join the JN Staff

Well hello there! If you're here, you're probably interested in volunteering for Jellyneo! Every volunteer here at JN fills a specific "position" with specific tasks (such as maintaining the Item Database, or posting news updates). Over time, though, you can always volunteer to help out with different areas of JN, too!

The positions that we're looking to fill will be listed at the bottom. If you'd like to apply, all you need to do is read below for full details about the application process. All positions at Jellyneo are volunteer.

Information for All Positions

Although we are adding folks for multiple positions, all of them require the following information to be included in your application. Please make sure you include ALL of this, as we will need it upon accepting your application.

  • For every application, include the following basic information:
    • Name (no last names please)
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Country where you live
    • jnAccount username
    • Discord username (if you have one—no worries if you don't, you only need to create one if you join the staff)
    • Neopets username
  • Include a paragraph explaining why you want to volunteer for JN, why we should bring you aboard, and what you think makes you a good fit. Brag all you like here.
  • Read below to see what specific information you need to include for a particular position. (Sample articles, writings, graphics, etc.)
  • Most positions on staff require you to know basic, standard HTML, so please make sure your HTML skills are clean and polished! (We can do some training here.)

Where to Send Your Application

You should send your application to volunteer at jellyneo dot net. For the subject, please format it as: [Your Name] - [Position You're Applying For]


Here are some guidelines on what we're really looking for. We tend to accept exceptional individuals who take all of these guidelines into consideration.

  • You must be at least 16 years of age. No exceptions.
  • We welcome applicants from all over the world, but we do require that you have a firm grasp on the English language, as that is the language we produce JN in.
  • Your application should be well written without any grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • Please do not call us "JellyNeo" with a capital N. We prefer "Jellyneo" with all lowercase letters.
  • We understand that our applications may take some time to put together. This is to help you gauge the work expectations we will have for you if you join the staff.
  • If we ask for sample work, model it off of the content already here on JN.
  • Don't use any fancy email formatting. Plain black text is good for us!

If you follow the above instructions and guidelines, you will have a much better chance at joining the staff! Now, onward to the positions that are open...

Item Database Crew

We are currently looking for some new, enthusiastic users who enjoy items on Neopets. You'll be aiding in maintaining the most visited and complete Neopets Item Database in the Neopian community. Crew members are primarily responsible for adding new items as they are released, updating existing items as needed, and gathering pricing data for all of the Neopoint items in our database. (See the responsibilities section below for full details.) Since pricing is a big part of the Item DB, we cannot accept Neopets users who belong to Mall groups or Neopoint investment groups of any sort. You will receive full staff perks, which include access to our staff chat, the ability to contribute directly to other parts of JN, and refreshing soda in the virtual staff lounge.


  • New items should be added to the Item DB daily, as released in the news and the NC Mall on Neopets.
  • Items not released in the news but released through other means (e.g. midnight events, the Advent Calendar) should be added to the DB as soon as possible.
  • Searchable and unactivated items should be regularly checked to determine if any have shown up in Neopia, or if an ID can be obtained.
  • Any contact forms submitted to the Item Database should be reviewed, acted upon if appropriate, and responded to if possible.
  • Items in our database should be priced regularly.
  • Our Trading Post history data should be tagged as needed.


  • All Staffers: Complete 650 points worth of Trading Post tagging work each month. (Adding tags to a lot = 2 points, reviewing the tags submitted by another staff = 1 point. Your choice on how you complete this!)
  • Premium Staffers: A minimum of either 500 buyable items priced or 100 unbuyables priced.
  • Non-Premium Staffers: A minimum of 100 unbuyables priced.
  • Pricing buyables takes approximately 10-20 hours per month (the main limitation being SSW lock outs). Trading Post tagging work takes approximately 2-3 hours per month.
  • Each month, Will, our Item Database Head, will review the number of pricings and taggings you have completed. Going two (2) months without completing your required number will result in you retiring from staff.

Application Details

Please include all of the required info stated above in "Information for All Positions" in your application. In addition, indicate whether or not you are a Neopets Premium member. You also have two tasks:

  • Select a Neopian item and send in the following information about it: name, description, image URL, rarity, official shop category name, and item ID. (Aren't sure how to find an item ID? Learn how.) We'll need all of this information to test your item knowledge.
  • Since tagging lots from the Trading Post is part of this position, please visit our Trading Post Tagging center and submit tags until you earn at least 30 points. (Be sure to review our guidelines as well. We will look at your tagging accuracy as well.)

After completing both tasks above, send your application via email to volunteer at jellyneo dot net, with both your name and "Item DB Application" in the subject line.


Please submit your applications by Monday, June 27th. We will have an answer for you by Sunday, July 3rd at the latest, if not sooner.

Content Updaters

Jellyneo is constantly on the lookout for exceptional Neopians. As a content updater at Jellyneo, you will be responsible for updating our large library of articles and game guides. Sometimes that might be fixing an error that a visitor notified us about, or other times it might be updating an old guide to meet our new content styling standards. Sometimes, it's even putting together an entirely new guide for a new event or a new feature in Neopia (with contributions from the rest of the JN staff). You should have some basic HTML skills, as our content is all formatted using HTML.

Since writing is a key aspect, you will need to include a sample task in your application. Instructions for that are below in "Application Details." If you have ever maintained or published content on a petpage, please send examples of those as well.

As a content updater, you will receive full staff perks, which include access to our staff chat, places in site events, and refreshing soda in the virtual staff lounge.


  • Respond to and make changes based on reports we receive from site visitors.
  • Update old content to meet our new content style guide standards.
  • Help in the creation of entirely new content, such as event guides or articles.

Application Details

Please include all of the required info stated in the "Information for All Positions" section above.

To judge your abilities, please check out the Contribute to Jellyneo page and read the "Missing Articles" section. Choose one of the topics listed (or, choose a topic that does not already have an article at Jellyneo). Follow the "How to Get Started" instructions and write up a basic outline for the article. (We will use this to judge your ability to organize content.) In addition, please write the introductory section of the article, and post that on a petpage, including a link to that petpage in your email. (We want to see what basic HTML skills you have—no need to get fancy!)

Your writing style should be short, concise and to the point. Give users what they want—information about the topic at hand, not fluffy writing! Please send your application to volunteer at jellyneo dot net, with both your name and "Content Writer App" in the subject line.


No deadline. This is on an ongoing basis. We will have an answer for you within 2 weeks, if not sooner.

DrSloth.com Minions

We're looking for loyal minions to help run our searchable image database, Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium. We currently have over 139,000 images stored in the database, and most of them have already been tagged and categorized. However, we need to constantly catalogue new images as they are released. You should be an enthusiastic individual who likes getting things done and helping Neopians. You should be prepared to work with a team of other staffers to make sure DrSloth.com remains up to date and useful.


  • Categorize and tag images in the database as needed.
  • Respond to reports from users, and update our image tag data as appropriate.
  • Add new images to the database as needed.


  • Submit tags for at least 150 untagged images per month.
  • Categorize at least 50 new images per month (or less, depending on the number of new images added each month).

Application Details

Please include all of the required info stated in the "Information for All Positions" section above. In addition, please view each of the images listed below, and include a set of tags for each of them in your application:

You should read our tagging guidelines (at the bottom of that page) to get a better sense of what kind of tags we're looking for. Please send your application to volunteer at jellyneo dot net, with both your name and "Minion App" in the subject line.


No deadline. This is on an ongoing basis. We will have an answer for you within 2 weeks, if not sooner.

Other Ways to Volunteer

Not interested in any of the positions above? Or just not interested in becoming a full-fledged volunteer? We also have a number of projects that you can help with contributing to:

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