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Jan 3 - Aisha Day
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Jan 14 - Sloth Day
Jan 16 - Elephante Day
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Altador Cup XVII
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Dave welcomes to you join jnPremium!Listed below are all of the services and perks that you get to take advantage of when you sign up for jnPremium.

For the main site...

  • Access to new JN feature Beta Tests
  • Can view Neopets news earlier than non-Premium members
  • Can view our new content earlier than non-Premium members
  • Access to the Dr. Sloth site theme year round!
  • Your username will appear green on news comments
  • Access to our Pet Emotions viewer through the Rainbow Pool *

For the forums...

  • Unlimited PM Inbox space
  • Lifting of signature restraints
  • Special JoodleTM games to earn JoodlesTM
  • Immunity from being warned by Moderators and Admins for minor offenses
  • Access to a Premium forum board

For the Item DB...

  • Ability to create 2 additional wishlists
  • Exclusive access to Neohome Vision *
  • Exclusive access to Wearable Modeling *

Other Goodies...

  • Access to our Graphics Department **
  • Ability to request unique graphics for an additional fee ***
  • Use of Homework Helper DeluxeTM - scan in your homework, and we'll complete it for you! +
  • Exclusive access to special Jellyneo.net merchandise!
    Jellyneo MugJellyneo Wall ClockJellyneo T-Shirt
  • Instant access to any additional premium-only features we implement!

* These features, currently public, will be turned into Premium-only features once jnPremium goes fully live.
** The Graphics Department will go live in 1-2 months.
*** The fee for unique graphics by our graphics staff is usually 1 USD to 5 USD, depending on your request.
+ Limit of 5 scans a week. Answers not guaranteed.

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