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Some Jellyneo staff members headed down to sunny Los Angeles for a brief summer vacation. (We finally met each other in real life!) The itinerary included Disneyland, learning SCIENCE, playing awesome board games, and of course, a special stop at Neopets! jnCon Attendees: Dave, Illy, Nynex, Kataklysmos, Polemarch, Rosie, and Spixi.

A Tour of Neopets Headquarters

Dragona acted as our official photographer. Because of privacy and legal reasons, some things have been obscured. Overall, it was a wonderful day! A big thank you to The Neopets Team for letting us visit!

The banner on the wall of the reception area. It makes us squee every time!

JN Banner

We're wearing special t-shirts, designed by Rosie.

jnCon Shirt

The tour is spiced up with a scavenger hunt. Dave has to get Dirigibles' autograph.

Dirigibles' Autograph

The reason Mr. Insane is insane? He lost his marbles!

Lost Marbles

Snarkie and Comastar see what Cupcake is drawing.

Cupcake Drawing

Jimmy James' red stapler needs to be returned to him.

Jimmy James

A listing of important events.

New Features New Features Closeup

We look at the real life art gallery (left); Rosie bestows the gift of custom art (right).

Art Wall Restock Machine Gift

LornaDesparow's favourite sponsor of the moment is... Capri Sun!


R.I.P. Sloth, we will miss the mind control.

Sloth Costume

The Neopets artists prepare for a drawing session.

Neopets Artists

Cupcake drawing.

Cupcake Drawing

Squiggles drawing.

Squiggles Drawing

Petpet Park artist Jeeves drawing.

Jeff Drawing

Rosie enters into a Drawing Battle with Squiggles!

Drawing Battle

An Ixi for Spixi (left); Arzak for Rosie (right).

For Spixi For Rosie

Halloween Moehog for Dave (left); Kanrik for Nynex (right).

For Dave For Nynex

The drawing Illy got will forever remain a secret!
Kataklysmos has two (Tess and a Christmas Zafara), so that makes up for it, right? ;)

For Kata

The outcome of the Drawing Battle.
Rosie's Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (left); Squiggles' version (right).

Drawing Battle

Dragona commandeers some paper and draws Zafaras!

Dragona's Zafaras

Kataklysmos: Captain, we've detected a web of jelly on an intercept course!
Rosie: On screen!

JN On Screen

Snarkie gives us a demo of their new Facebook game, Treasure Keepers.

Treasure Keepers Demo

Snarkie: So, what do you think?
Polemarch: It's good, but could use 30% more blur.

Secret Feedback



We get ready for a brain storm hurricane.
...It turns out to be more of a meatier shower.

Meat Explosion More Ideas

Question and answer period... (we're really shy :P).

Question and Answer Time

Free stuff!


Best group picture ever!
Back (left to right): Squiggles, Mr. Insane, Snarkie, Kataklysmos, Dirigibles, Comastar, Dave
Front (left to right): Rosie, Illy, Dragona, Nynex, Viola, Spixi, Polemarch

The Gang

A final goodbye wave; so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu!

Bye Bye!

Extras - Large Photos

Click on the thumbnails to view the large version of the picture.

Scavenger Hunt List
Dirigibles SenorMalo

This is a scan of the limited edition framed art print we each received!

Jelly Chia Print