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Jhudora's Bluff

Jhudora's Bluff Information
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Just outside the city limits in Faerieland you will find Jhudora's Bluff (formerly Jhudora's Cloud), home of the infamous Dark Faerie Jhudora. Not normally one to have guests, Jhudora is currently enlisting the help of Neopians to amass a wide variety of items for an unknown purpose. If you're lucky, she may give you one of her dangerous-looking potions or enchanted mushrooms. If you're extra lucky, she won't!

Bring what I seek, and you shall be rewarded handsomely...

How to Play

You are able to ask Jhudora for a quest at any time, so long as it has been at least twelve hours since you last completed (or failed) a quest for her or Illusen, her longtime rival. While Jhudora will refuse to give any quests on Illusen Day (March 17th), you will be awarded with an avatar if you complete a quest on Jhudora Day (February 4th).

You must return to Jhudora to start the 12 hour timer! Even if you choose not to complete a quest, the 12 hour timer will not begin until you return to Jhudora to acknowledge your failure. This is extra important if you want to complete a quest on one of the avatar days.

Unlike most faeries that give quests, Jhudora will grudgingly allow you to use the Shop Wizard to fulfill her quests. She does, however, impose a strict time limit of sixteen minutes and forty seconds. If you are unable to bring Jhudora the requested item within the time limit, you will fail the quest and be taken back to Level 1. You will also be removed from the Jhudora's Bluff high score table (see the Scoring section below).

Upon completing a quest you will reach the next level, which comes with an increase in the rarity of the items Jhudora seeks. While the first several quests will usually be for common, inexpensive items, later levels will ask for unbuyable items, forcing you to find them through other avenues.

As long as you don't fail a quest, your next quest level will remain the same indefinitely. You may wait months or years between quests and barring a database issue or glitch, you can continue your quest level at any time. However, your score for the High Score Table will reset monthly; each quest will award a maximum of 2000 points regardless of the level. See Scoring section below for more details.

Sometimes, you may be unable to find an item in any user shop, trade, or auction. This is often because the item is so rare that there are currently none on the market. If you find yourself in this situation, you may want to consider creating a Trading Post lot or Neoboard post asking for the item in question. If you're in the high-level quests that always ask for items with a rarity of 99, it may be worthwhile to post on the Neoboards before even starting the quest in order to get the attention of resellers specializing in r99 items.

It's also possible that an item you're unable to find is a piece of no-trade Neohome 2.0 furniture. In these cases, the items can be found at the Neohomes Superstore.

Your one stop shop for those impossible-to-find items!

Level Guide

Jhudora will only ask for items from a specific rarity band at each level. These are detailed in the table below, along with links to our item database of items in that rarity band. The rarities increase faster as compared to Illusen's Quests.

Quest Levels
Level Asks For Reward
#1 r10 - r20 Poisonous Lollypop
Poisonous Lollypop
#2 r15 - r25 None
#3 r20 - r30 Noxious Nectar
Noxious Nectar
#4 r25 - r34 None
#5 r28 - r38 Jhudoras Brush
Jhudoras Brush
#6 r32 - r42 None
#7 r36 - r46 None
#8 r40 - r50 Purple Blob Potion
Purple Blob Potion
#9 r44 - r54 None
#10 r48 - r58 None
#11 r52 - r62 Jhudora T-Shirt
Jhudora T-Shirt
#12 r56 - r66 None
#13 r60 - r70 None
#14 r64 - r74 Gnome Shroom
Gnome Shroom
#15 r68 - r76 None
#16 r72 - r80 None
#17 r75 - r83 Caustic Potion
Caustic Potion
#18 r80 - r88 None
#19 r84 - r90 None
#20 r86 - r92 Dark Faerie Magic
Dark Faerie Magic
#21 r88 - r94 None
#22 r90 - r94 None
#23 r92 - r96 Malice Potion
Malice Potion
#24 r93 - r96 None
#25 r94 - r96 None
#26 r95 - r97 Purple Spotted Shroom
Purple Spotted Shroom
#27 r96 - r98 None
#28 r97 - r99 None
#29 r98 - r99 Wind Up Rat
Wind Up Rat
#30 r99 None
#31 r99 None
#32 r99 Toxic Shroom
Toxic Shroom
#33 r99 None
#34 r99 None
#35 r99 Dark Shroom
Dark Shroom
#36 r99 None
#37 r99 None
#38 r99 Jhudoras Potion
Jhudoras Potion
#39 r99 None
#40 r99 None
#41 r99 Bartamus
#42 r99 None
#43 r99 None
#44 r99 Jhudoras Dark Collar
Jhudoras Dark Collar
#45 r99 None
#46 r99 None
#47 r99 Portable Cloud
Portable Cloud
#48 r99 None
#49 r99 None
#50 r99 Wand of the Dark Faerie
Wand of the Dark Faerie

There is no known level limit; you can keep going past level 50, and Jhudora will keep requesting r99 items, but you will not earn any additional rewards besides score points.


Like most things classified as games, Jhudora's Bluff has a high score table that runs on a monthly basis, with trophies awarded to those with the top scores. Points are earned by completing quests quickly, with a base score of 1000 points for turning in the item and up to 1000 bonus points. You start a quest with 16 minutes and 40 seconds (for a total of 1000 seconds) on the timer, and every second you take to finish the quest will cost you one bonus point.

Since scores in Jhudora's Bluff are cumulative, the majority of scores on the board will continually increase throughout the calendar month. If you want to try for a trophy, it's recommended that you start on the first day of the month at Level 1, and complete a quest every twelve hours. Bear in mind that should you fail a quest, you will be removed from the high score board. If you've reached a point at which you're uncertain whether you will be able to complete the next quest, you may want to remain at the current level and hope that those with scores higher than yours fail their own quests.

Quick Tips

  • Complete quests as quickly as possible to earn the maximum number of points.
  • If Jhudora asks for a single-colour Neohome item, try looking in the Neohomes Superstore.
  • Try to start quests during peak hours (around 4:00 p.m. NST), when a good number of users are online; this makes it more likely that you will be able to reach the owner of a Trading Post lot.
  • If you think you'll be unable to get a rare item in time, try creating a Trading Post lot or Neoboard post asking for the item in question.
Jhudora's Cloud

Jhudora's Cloud / Guide

Complete quest #20 at Jhudora's Bluff.

Released: August 15, 2003

Evil Jhudora

Evil Jhudora / Guide

Complete one of Jhudora's Quests on February 4th.

Released: February 4, 2004

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