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Jellyneo CryptoTCG

We are excited to announce our newest endeavour: collectible crypto cards! Coming in late April 2021!

It's 2021, and crypto collectibles are all the rage, so we thought we'd get in on the action by bringing you a deck of 50 different trading cards!

These cards are exclusively digital. You'll be able to collect and enjoy them in your very own crypto wallet, which means they're yours to keep forever. Some are common, and some are uber rare! You can exchange them between friends to collect them all.

Best of all, all the cards are Jellyneo themed! Take a stroll down our (almost) 17 year history on the web with 50 fun designs.

Read on for more info on the cards and how to buy them!

The Cards

There are 6 different types of cards:

  • Items
  • Characters
  • Lore
  • Locations
  • Plevents
  • Staffers

Check out a few sneak peeks of the different types below...


Item cards represent different objects that can be found across Jellyneo or in different Jellyneo events.



You've met a few characters while visiting Jellyneo, right? Remember which ones with Character cards!



Think back to various part of JN history with Lore cards!



You know what they say about real estate... location, location, location! And what does that have to do with crypto cards? I dunno, but you can collect your very own Location cards!



Negg Hunts, December Trivia, the annual Halloween Costume Contest. Reminisce about your favorite site Plevents!



Last but not least, collect your favorite JN Staffer cards!



Series 1 Card List

Here's a list of most of the cards available in Series 1... we're leaving a few of them as a surprise for release day!

Series 1 List
# Card Type
1 Main Site Location
2 Extra Soft Socko Plushie Item
3 Halloween Costume Contest Plevent
4 Empty Trophy Cabinet Item
5 Item Database Location
6 Rosie's Flipping Negg Hunt Maze Lore
7 Kat Staffer
8 Collection of Jelly Sceptres Item
9 2nd Place Medal Item
10 Book of Ages Location
11 Mervin the Modeling Magician Character
12 ??? ???
13 Dr. Dave Item
14 Quail Staffer
15 Wardrobe Location
16 macosten Staffer
17 How Dr. Sloth Stole Christmas! Lore
18 ??? ???
19 Wardrobe Wars Plevent
20 Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium Location
21 June Staffer
22 Kakeith Character
23 Suzukaberry Punch Item
24 jnCon 2012 T-Shirt Item
25 In-Depth Battlepedia Location
26 Build-a-Species Plevent
27 Dave Plushie, in a Brain Tree Lore
28 Jenny Staffer
29 Negg Hunt Plevent
30 Jellyneo Forums Location
31 Avatar Checklist Tool Location
32 Fish Negg Plushie Character
33 jnCon 2011 T-Shirt Item
34 Rabid Cybunny Character
35 jnPortal Location
36 Out-of-Tea Rylon Staffer
37 Diet Terry Soda Item
38 December Trivia Challenge Plevent
39 ??? ???
40 Petpet Park Guide Location
41 The Neggative Faerie Character
42 5-Hour Rosie Item
43 Sodawars: The Refreshment Due Plevent
44 Bacon-y Suzuka Staffer
45 The Content Department Location
46 Altador Cup JN Staff Tourney Plevent
47 Filled Trophy Cabinet Item
48 Jenuine Iced Tea Item
49 ??? ???
50 Staff Lounge Location


Our crypto cards will be sold in booster packs of 5, 10, and 15. Each pack of 15 will contain at least three rare cards, and the chance of an uber-rare one!

Prices for each booster pack are below:

Size Price
5 Card Pack $5.99 USD
10 Card Pack $9.99 USD
15 Card Pack $12.99 USD

Want to earn some free packs? We'll be handing out free booster packs for completing certain tasks around the site, such as modeling wearables, tagging TP lots, and more! We'll post full details on what you can do to earn free packs in late April.

How to Buy

Cards will be sold using several different cryptocurrencies, and we will be accepting payment via PayPal's new "Checkout with Crypto" option. (Read more on PayPal's website.)

All cryptocurrency will be converted into the USD booster pack prices listed above, so exact crypto prices will vary with time.

Check back in late April to browse our online crypto card store.

Tell Us What You Think

How many booster packs will you be buying? Which cards are your favorites? Any guesses as to the mystery surprise cards we haven't yet revealed above?

Let us know by posting your comments!

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