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Item Rarities Explained

Every item is assigned a rarity when it is released. An item's rarity provides insight to the item, including where it originated, how rare it is, and what it can be used for. For example, your pet can earn a trophy by eating the most Gourmet Foods, which are defined as any foods rarity 90-100.

Not all items are searchable on the side bar search (not to be confused with Shop Wizard searches!), below your Neopet preview on the left side of most Neopets pages. Only items rarity 1-98 will appear in search results, as well as rarity 500 (Neocash) items that are currently available for purchase in the NC Mall. Once an item is retired, it is no longer searchable regardless of its original rarity.


Rarity 1-99

Items assigned a rarity between 1 and 99 actively stock in the main Neopian Shops. Rarity determines how items stock in these shops. An item with a lower rarity will stock more frequently and in higher quantities.

When these items stock in a main shop, they will stock for a random price between ~1.45 and ~1.9 times its official "Est. Value" seen in the sidebar search or your inventory. However, different rarity ranges have minimum price values: if ~1.45 to ~1.9 times the Est. Value is less than this minimum, the stock price will be bumped up to the minimum value. This is why you will see many (but not all!) items in these rarity ranges stocking at these prices.

  • r1-84: 100 NP
  • r85-89: 2,500 NP
  • r90-94: 5,000 NP
  • r95-99: 10,000 NP

Items with rarities r1 through r98 can appear as search results in sidebar searches.

Rarity 100

This rarity range includes items that stock very, very, very rarely in the main Neopian Shops as well as a few other odds and ends, including Golden Dubloon food, Nerkmids, and some competition prizes.

Rarity 101-179

Items within this rarity range cannot be bought in the main Neopian Shops. They can be obtained in a number of different ways including, but not limited to:

Once a petpet is painted from its original colour, it loses its original rarity and becomes rarity 101. If the petpet is ever painted back to its original color, it will go back to its original rarity.

Rarity 180

Once a non-Neocash item is retired from the economy, its rarity is (usually) changed to 180. At this point, the item no longer stocks in the main Neopian Shops, nor is it (usually) given out through dailies or contests. Once an item is retired, you will only be able to obtain it by purchasing it from other users. A small exception to the rule is that TNT occasionally selects retired items as goodie bag prizes, and some are given out perpetually as prizes for certain dailies.

Rarity 200

The Hidden Tower is perpetually stocked with a certain set of items, each given the rarity 200 and labeled Artifact. Though your account must be 4 months of age or higher to purchase items directly from the tower, you are able to get them from other users with an account of any age.

Rarity 250

This rarity represents a small number of retired items from the Hidden Tower and the Cooking Pot. Though retired, these items are usually given a rarity of 250 (rather than 180) and labeled Artifact. They are only obtainable through other users once retired, but don't go looking for them on the Shop Wizard—they're not searchable there.

Rarity 500

All items obtained through the NC Mall are assigned rarity 500. This includes items bought directly from the Mall, won through Neocash site events and games, transformed with Dyeworks Hue Brew Potions, and given out as NC prizes.

NC Mall items are separated from NP items in your Inventory and Safety Deposit Box. Their labels vary depending on where you are viewing them, as described in the table below.

Rarity Labels

The table below describes how items will appear in your Inventory, Safety Deposit Box, or Closet according to their rarity.

Item Rarities
Rarity Label
1-74 None
75-84 (uncommon)
85-89 (rare)
90-94 (very rare)
95-98 (ultra rare)
99 (super rare)
100 (ultra rare)
101-104 (special)
105-110 (MEGA RARE)
111-179 (RARITY ###)
180 (retired)
200 (Artifact - 200)
250 (Artifact - 250)
500 Via inventory: (Neocash)
Via closet: (Artifact - 500)
Via SDB: None
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