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Itchy Invasion

Itchy Invasion Information
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Poor Eamann is overwhelmed by the petpetpets hiding in the fur of his petpets! They're biting away at the petpets, and the poor things are in such a state of itchiness that Eamann has run out of options. He has shrunk himself down, along with his slime gun, and he needs you to guide him through his petpets' fur and exterminate those pesky petpetpets!

This calls for extreme action....

Game Play

Aim your slime gun with your mouse and click to fire at the petpetpets. Simple enough, right? Well, there are a few tricky problems...

Firstly, Eamann runs extremely quickly, so you've got milliseconds to aim and shoot if you want to get all those pesky petpetpets. It takes practice, but even that's not such a big deal.

Your main problems are the itch-o-meter and the ever-decreasing ammunition in Eamann's slime gun. Every time you miss a petpetpet and it gets by, the itch-o-meter level increases. Fill the meter and it's game over! You'll also need to keep track of your ammo: you start with 10 shots and get a warning whenever you've only got 3 left. You've got to be accurate with your aim and keep watch for refills, or you'll run out of ammo. No ammo, no exterminating, and game over!

Target the Petpetpets and blast away
Blam! And the itch is gone.


Enemy Petpetpets
Petpetpet Points Location
2 pts On the ground
4 pts On the ground
6 pts On the ground
8 pts In the petpet's fur
10 pts In the petpet's fur
Helpful Robotic Petpetpets
Petpetpet Function
Clears away all the petpetpets visible on the screen except the other robotic petpetpet.
This petpetpet replenishes your ammo. Ironically, you have to shoot it to get the ammo.


There are six levels, each inside the fur coat of a different petpet. The number of petpetpets you have to exterminate increases with each level, as does the speed at which you are running. Here's a breakdown of the levels:

Level Petpetpets
1 - Noil 25
2 - Warf 28
3 - Babaa
Bumbluz introduced
4 - Puppyblew 35
5 - Meowclops
Mozito introduced
6 - Pink Faellie 40


Use the slowest computer you can possibly find and/or play on the best quality in the largest game window available. The game is overwhelmingly fast when you first begin if you're playing on a decent computer. Alternatively, if you can't slow it down enough that way, you can play on the smallest window size possible so you have less distance to cover with your mouse. (Thanks to glimmerkitty for pointing that out.) Hit the petpetpets on the outside edges and on the fur first because they'll disappear first.

Wait to use the red robot until it's about to disappear, that way it will have the most effect. Furthermore, if you have a red robot, don't slime any more petpetpets until after you click the robot because it wastes precious ammunition.

You have three shots after the ammo warning pops up; use the first two to your advantage. The green robot will replenish all of your ammo, regardless of how much you have left, so slime a couple of petpetpets before you hit it. On the other hand, shoot carefully when you've got one shot left to replenish your ammo.

When you're running out of ammo, it's better to lose a couple of petpetpets to the itch-o-meter and wait for the green robot than miscalculate and lose the game a few points short of your highest score. If you hit the last petpetpet you need for the level with your last ammo so that you end the level with zero ammo, the game is over. If you're desperate for ammunition though, you can type in pest once per game to refill your Pest-B-Gone meter to full.

This is the point where you have one shot left...make sure you've got a green robot handy!

Toward the end of a level, shoot the petpetpets worth the highest amount of points first—this will give you those few extra points when you're trying for a new high score. You can even wait for the next row of petpetpets before finishing off the current one in case there are more with higher point values. Conversely, don't sacrifice itch for a couple of extra points. There are bonuses at the end of each level for the amount of itch-o-meter left unfilled—75 points for an empty meter!

You can hit two or even three petpetpets every once in a while if they're right next to each other (close enough to touch) or right behind each other (along the same line of fire). If you're lucky enough to manage this shot at the very end of a level, you can get more petpetpets than are required by the end. This is the only way to get extra petpetpets; otherwise, the game stops you once you've hit the number you need.

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