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Neopets: Island Builders


Once you have built the Trading Post building in your town, you are able to trade items with other users of Island Builders. Because Dacardia doesn't typically use Neopoints, citizens have taken to bartering - that is, exchanging one item for another.

First, start by tapping on the Trading Post to bring up the menu. There are two default options. The button on the left will let you buy items. The button on the right will let you sell them.


Tapping the buying icon will bring up a list of available trades with other users. By default, this lists all types of items at once, but tapping icons along the left side of the screen allows you to filter the results into different types of items.

In this screen, the item you are hoping to buy is listed on the left and the person's wishlist for that item is listed on the right. If you have an item in your inventory already in the correct amount, the number next to the item will be blue. If you lack the required item or don't have enough (and so cannot make the trade), the item number will be shown in red.

Tap the icon on the right side to begin the trade. You will be taken to a new screen with the item you are trading for on a set of weighing scales and the item you are offering at the bottom. Simply drag the item you are offering up onto the other side of the weighing scales.

You will be asked to confirm the trade. Once you do so, your trade is complete and the new item is now in your inventory.

You can also use the trading screen to inspect the towns other players have made. Simply enter the weighing scale screen and then tap the back icon. This will take you to the other player's town. There are icons to return to the trading post or your own town on the right of the screen.

Glitch Alert: Inspecting another player's town currently has the chance to glitch the timers on any active gathering jobs in your own town. You can fix these by reloading the game.


You can sell items by tapping the right side icon on the main Trading Post page. This will take you to a new screen with a set of weighing scales. Each set of scales represents one trade. You have a maximum of five trades available at a time, and you can scroll across to the right to access all of them.

To begin, tap the Sell Item + button on any available scales. This will bring up a list of all available items to trade in your inventory. Keep in mind some items, like Essences, cannot be traded currently.

Tap an item to select it. You will then be asked to select the amount of that item you are going to put up for trade, and tap confirm.

Next, three new icons will have appeared under the weighing scales, each reading Trade For +. These represent the items you will be asking for. Tap each icon and select the item you want from a list. Keep in mind that currently, the list includes some items that do not actually appear in the game (so you cannot possibly get). Again, you'll be asked to select a quantity you want, and confirm.

Each of the three boxes represents an item you'll accept on an either/or basis. For example, if you select Bamboo in box 1 and Straw in box 2, that means you will accept a trade of either Bamboo or Straw. It does not mean you are trading for both together.

You do not have to fill out all three boxes. If there's only one thing you want to trade for, you can leave just one box filled in. When you are happy with the trade, tap the confirm button and the trade will be listed.

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