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Neopets: Island Builders


As you progress through Neopets: Island Builders, you will encounter residents of Dacardia who will offer you quests. These quests can award items, blueprints, currencies, and experience to help you level up your island. A log of all your current quests can be accessed by tapping on the paw print beneath your town name and level indicator on the top left of the screen.

There are three major types of quests:

  • Active Quests
  • Daily Goals
  • Buddy Bulletin Board

Periodically there are Event Quests as well, which are a subset of Active Quests.

Active Quests

These are story-based quests offered by one of the unique NPCs who inhabit the island. These allow you to explore the island and unlock new areas, buildings, and equipment. These quests are indicated by golden question and exclamation marks in the field, and the purple book icon in the quest menu.

Limited Time Event Quests

These are limited time events that run periodically throughout the year. These story-based quests are event-specific, and often issue exclusive rewards. When active, these quests are indicated in the same manner as all Active Quests.

Daily Goals

These quests can be completed by harvesting or crafting specific items. There are three, progressively harder lists of three goals. Completing each single goal will grant items and resources, and completing a set of three will award an additional helping of those same prizes. These quests are indicated by the green book icon in the quest menu.

Buddy Bulletin Board

(The in-game icon is pinkish coloured)

These are 'quests' offered by the generic NPC Neopets you recruit as you level up your island. These typically require you to supply specific items, and reward Pearly Neggs. These quests are indicated by blue question and exclamation marks in the field, and the paw print icon in the quests menu and at the top left of the screen. These can additionally be accessed via the Buddy Bulletin Board building. These essentially replace the old Pet Quests.

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