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Neopets: Island Builders

Crystal Negg Store

Crystal Neggs are the Island Builders version of Neocash, a premium currency that can be purchased for real money in exchange for virtual items. Crystal Neggs can be used to instantly complete gathering and building jobs, and capsule timers on the island. The longer the job is set to take, the more Crystal Neggs you will need to spend to complete it.

Crystal Neggs can be earned in small amounts on a daily basis from the Crystal Negg Store, by completing Active Quests, by completing level 3 Daily Quests, and occasionally from Login Rewards or by spinning the Wheel of Offers - but otherwise must be purchased in the game's Crystal Negg Store. You can access the default Store view by tapping the Crystal Negg counter at the top of the screen.

This will load a menu with tabs of negg and item packs that are on sale.

Negg Packs

These are the packs of Crystal Neggs currently available, found by clicking on the Crystal Negg icon in the menu.

Crystal Negg

  • Bunch O' Neggs: 30 Crystal Neggs
  • Carton of Neggs: 80 Crystal Neggs
  • All you Neggs in One Basket: 200 Crystal Neggs
  • Nest Neggs: 500 Crystal Neggs
  • Neggstra Cash: 1,500 Crystal Neggs
  • Neggst Level Riches: 3,500 Crystal Neggs

Note that the price of these Crystal Packs will be shown in your local currency and as such can vary across the world.

Food Items & Packs

The Crystal Negg Store offers packs of and individual premium food items that can be fed to your pet to instantly refill both their hunger, and for many foods also increase the pet's happiness, unlike regular food items (Omelettes), that only refill hunger. They are stored in a distinct part of your inventory away from Omelettes, and are also fed to citizens through a different section of the customisation menu.

Hot Coffee Pack

Black Coffee x2

Cappuccino x2

Pearly Negg x50

Cost: 120 Crystal Neggs

Holiday Comforts Pack

Candy Cane x2

Gingerbread x2

Negg Nog x2

Mulled Wine x2

Cost: 100 Crystal Neggs

Note: This pack was only available via the Premium Emporium between December 8th, 2021, and January 4th, 2022.

Holiday Dessert Pack

Mince Pie x2

Yule Log x2

Plum Pudding x2

Fruit Cake x2

Cost: 100 Crystal Neggs

Note: This pack was only available via the Premium Emporium between December 8th, 2021, and January 4th, 2022.

Delicious Heart Pack

Heart-shaped Box of Chocolates x2

Cinnamon Hearts x2

Sweetheart Candy x2

Strawberry Heartcicle x2

Cost: 100 Crystal Neggs

Note: This pack was only available via the Premium Emporium between February 2nd, 2022, and May 20th, 2022.

Click here to see the individual Premium Foods!

Decoration Item Packs

In addition, you can buy some items for your town in the Crystal Negg Store. Currently, there are multiple packs available across several themes. Some of the items in the packs can be crafted normally without spending real money, but it is currently unknown if that is the case for all of them.

Day at the Beach Pack
Day at the Beach Pack
Contains: 1x Beach Log, 1x Beach Sand, 1x Surfboards, 1x Bonfire, 1x Sandcastle Set, 1x Beach Parasol, 1x Beach Floaties

Cost: 300 Crystal Neggs

Beach Activity Pack
Contains: 1x Beach Log, 1x Beach Sand, 1x Sandcastle Set, 1x Bonfire

Cost: 160 Crystal Neggs

Beach Relaxation Pack
Contains: 1x Beach Parasol, 1x Beach Floaties, 1x Surfboards, 1x Beach Sand

Cost: 170 Crystal Neggs

Cafe Couture Pack
Cafe Couture Pack
Contains: 1x Cafe Table, 1x Cafe Sign, 1x Umbrella Rack, 8x Flower Fence

Cost: 180 Crystal Neggs

Neighbourhood Plaza Pack
Contains: 1x Street Clock, 1x Tiny Library, 2x Square Mailbox, 2x Signpost

Cost: 180 Crystal Neggs

Country Dreams Pack
Country Dreams Pack
Contains: 1x Country Stone Well, 1x Rocking Chair, 1x Straw Pile, 2x Straw Hat, 2x Beehive Hat

Cost: 265 Crystal Neggs

On-the-Vine Garden Pack
Contains: 1x Garden Rack, 1x Tomato Garden, 1x Veggie Garden

Cost: 170 Crystal Neggs

Stonework Garden Pack
Contains: 1x Country Stone Well, 1x Long Tool Bench, 1x Small Tool Bench

Cost: 180 Crystal Neggs

Peaceful Picnic Pack
Peaceful Picnic Pack
Contains: 1x Barbecue, 1x Picnic Canopy, 1x Hammock, 1x Picnic Set

Cost: 275 Crystal Neggs

Royal Palace Pack
Royal Palace Pack
Contains: 1x Royal Couch, 1x Royal Table, 1x Royal Vase, 1x Royal Tree, 1x Faberge Negg, 1x Royal Chest, 8x Royal Fence

Cost: 470 Crystal Neggs

Royal Comfort Pack
Contains: 1x Royal Couch, 1x Royal Table, 1x Royal Tree, 1x Crown

Cost: 290 Crystal Neggs

Royal Treasures Pack
Contains: 1x Royal Chest, 1x Royal Vase, 1x Faberge Negg, 1x Hat Tiara

Cost: 280 Crystal Neggs

Neighbourhood Street Pack
Neighbourhood Street Pack
Contains: 1x Street Lamp, 2x Street Sign, 2x Manhole Cover

Cost: 80 Crystal Neggs

Neighbourhood Park Pack
Contains: 1x Mailbox, 1x Binoculars, 2x Drinking Fountain, 2x Trash Can

Cost: 110 Crystal Neggs

Cafe Comforts Pack
Cafe Comforts Pack
Contains: 1x Cafe Arm Chair, 1x Coffee Grinder, 1x Phonograph, 8x Cafe Fence

Cost: 190 Crystal Neggs

Click here to see the individual Paid Items!

Customisation Items & Packs

The Crystal Negg Store also offers rotating packs of customisation items and individual customisation items. Some of the items may also be craftable, but some are exclusively obtained here.

Limited Time Offers

Tapping the large Crystal Negg on the right of the desk will load a new screen with three limited time offers that rotate daily. Each of these deals will offer a reduction in price over the usual Crystal Negg cost. Individual items can appear this way, as well as packs as a whole (though sometimes the exact contents of these packs can be different from what is normally gained by purchasing them). Additionally, the deals section of the store can sometimes list items that are otherwise unavailable in other parts of the store.

Previously, other limited time offers appeared in the regular store offerings. It is unknown if these deals will be returning with the addition of a dedicated area for them. At present, only one pack has been released this way, and contained an exclusive building and Neopet. The Neopet species is currently not available outside of the cash shop: the Kacheek.

Unlike regular packs, these offers can only be purchased directly with real money, and not via Crystal Neggs themselves.

Starter Pack
Starter Pack
Contains: Library Blueprint x1, Kacheek Neopet Unlock x1, 2x Veggie Garden, 1x Garden Rack, 1x Tomato Garden, 1x Clothesline, 5x Cypress Tree, 5x Cafe Fence, 1x Square Mailbox, 1x Trash Can, 3x Ghost Paint Brush, 3x Plushie Paint Brush, 320x Crystal Negg

Cost: $6.99 (Or local equivalent)


During early beta, the Crystal Negg store also advertised a subscription feature, similar to Premium on the main site. For a monthly fee, users could gain access to exclusive quests, free Crystal Neggs, and exclusive Neopet citizens for their town (implied to be a Uni).

Subscription Advertisement

This subscription feature was never actually live and was removed as an advertisement with a late build version. It is unknown if it will be offered again in the future when the app reaches official launch.

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