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Neopets: Island Builders


In Island Builders, you can combine the items you find and gather over the course of the game to make new items. This is known as crafting, and can be used to make new tools, decorations, and customisation items.

Crafting new items can only be done at specific locations in game, buildings that you unlock as you progress through the first few available story Quests. They are the Workshop, the Antiquity-Fixity, the Omelette Slab, and Skippi's Paint Shop. Each location allows you to craft different types of item.

The Workshop, Antiquity-Fixity, and Skippi's Paint Shop all remember items you make, in the form of blueprints. The Omelette Slab operates slightly differently in that it does not use blueprints, and you must manually input your ingredients each time you use it.

Over the course of the game, usually by completing story Quests, you'll unlock blueprints for new items to craft. When you visit a crafting location, you can tap view a list of your available blueprints for items. Unlike Building blueprints, blueprints for items are permanent and can be used as many times as you like. At all three locations (Workshop, Antiquity-Fixity, Skippi's Paint Shop), tapping the book icon will give you a list of available blueprints at that location.

At the Workshop

At the Antiquity-Fixity

At Skippi's Paint Shop

If you have the available ingredients, there will be a black icon in the bottom right corner of the blueprint's icon. If you are lacking an ingredient, this icon will be red. To craft it, tap the blueprint, then tap the build icon on the left.

At the Workshop, available equipment bluprints are listed under this icon:

At the Antiquity-Fixity, available decoration blueprints are listed under this icon:

Skippi's Paint Shop has several different options for customisation items available:



Paint Brushes

Paint Rollers

At the Workshop, the Antiquity-Fixity, and Skippi's Paint Shop you can also combine items to make new Resources. These items, like the ones you gather from Buildings, can also be used to craft new items themselves. This has a different icon in the menu.

Additionally, at both the Antiquity-Fixity and Skippi's Paint Shop, you can tap the icon on the right of the screen to enter a discovery mode. At the Antiquity-Fixity, it looks like this:

While at Skippi's Paint Shop, discovery mode can be accessed through this icon:

Here, you can drag two different items together in the hopes of creating a new one, even if you don't already have the blueprint for it!

Equipment cannot be created this way, but all other craftable items can be created in discovery mode, even before the game would normally award you the blueprint. After discovering an item in this way, a blueprint will be added to the relevent section of the menu for it.

Items must be discovered in their corresponding locations. For example, mixing items in the Antiquity-Fixity will only produce items that can be used in the Antiquity-Fixity. If you were to correctly combine the ingredients for an Essence there, it would not work. Instead, you must combine such ingredients at Skippi's Paint Shop.

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