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Neopets: Island Builders


Building is the primary means of expanding your town and restoring the island of Dacardia to its former glory. For the first few buildings you place in your town, an on screen tutorial will guide you through the process.

Buildings are gradually unlocked as you progress through the quests in the game. Your first stop upon gaining a blueprint of a new building is the Crabulator. That's the big contraption on the shoreline. You can tap it or the little monitor next to it to bring up the Crabulator menu.

The Crabulator menu will list all of the blueprints in the game, with those you current have available to you coloured at the beginning and all else greyed out to the right. A blueprint is one use only. For example, if you build a Dacardian Home, you'd have to gain another blueprint for it before you could build another Dacardian Home.

You'll need Building Materials to build. These are the wooden crate items that you can earn through completing quests or manufacture in the Molten Mixer building.

Once you have enough Building Materials for a given building, tap the spade icon in the Crabulator and you will be able to decide where in your town you would like your new building to go. Drag it around the screen until you are happy with the position, and then tap the green tick. Keep in mind you can only place a building on clear ground. If there's anything underneath, there will be red squares on the ground and you will either need to move the building or the things under it before you can build.

Some specific buildings cannot be moved and must be placed in a given position. The game will automatically teleport you to the correct area when you try and build them.

After placing the building, you then have to use the Building Materials to begin construction. Tap the circle to redeem Building Materials. Once you've added the correct amount, construction will begin.

All buildings have a time it takes to build, with more complex buildings typically taking longer to build. When the timer reaches zero, construction will automatically complete and your new building is ready to go!

If you ever want to move a building after placing it, you can either long tap hold on the building, or just tap the crabby icon on the bottom right of the screen and then tap your chosen building to move it to whatever location you would prefer.

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