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Neopets: Island Builders


Each time you level up your town in Island Builders, you are given the chance to expand your building area by clearing the mist from new areas of the island. This unlocks more quests and buildings for your game. Each area is unique and brings different challenges and rewards with it.

After you level up, the map will zoom out to a view of the island. There will be several highlighted areas, and you can tap them to learn more about them. You can then confirm that this is the new area you want to unlock.

There is some freedom of choice in which areas you pick, and it is possible to complete the game no matter which route you travel. However, generally the game assumes that when given the chance, you will pick the jungle areas before you pick the plateau, and as a result picking the jungle first makes the game easier. Similarly, picking areas with upgradable buildings over areas with gathering buildings also makes it easier to progress.

This list is arranged in our recommended order to unlock. Generally, the game's areas are grouped together into three major groups. Once you start unlocking part of a group, you must unlock all areas within it in order to unlock areas in a different group.

Dacardian Peninsula

This is the default starting location in the game, characterised by green fields. You begin with one area unlocked.

Crokabek Field

Known for its soft, rich soil, Crokabek Field boasts some of the best harvests in all of Dacardia. It is vigilantly watched over by an enchanted scare-Crokabek who does its best to keep scavengers away from the field's cropes... but unfortunately, it's too gentle to do the job properly! But on the bright side, that makes gathering easier.

Buildings Unlocked: Crokabek Field

Enigma Wharf

At the far end of the peninsula is Engima Wharf, where the fisherpets of Dacardia launch and moor their boats. Some of the region's finest gourmet chefs and food enthusiasts have been known to gather here from all over the region to enjoy Enigma Wharf's freshest catches.

Buildings Unlocked: Enigma Wharf

Mysterious Mine

While most of the mines in Dacardia were created to mine the unique substance known as Dacardite, this mine was dug for more mundane purposes: gathering basic stones, metals, and minerals. There is a history, however, of strange substances being found in these mines, and even the occasional bounty of precious metals like gold.

Buildings Unlocked: Mysterious Mine

Secret Beach

One of the main reasons Dacardia is such a popular vacation spot is its crystal-clear waters and soft, sandy beaches. The beach on the Dacardian Peninsula is said to be the best beach of all, not in the least part due to it being the home of the island's pride and joy, the Secret Beach Resort.

Buildings Unlocked: Secret Beach

Mystic Jungle

After completing the Dacardian Peninsula, the game opens up into two branches. You'll need to complete both to progress in the game, but we advise picking the Mystic Jungle Areas to the north west instead of the Crystal Plateau to the east.


At some point during the storm, a ship was swept up by violent winds and tossed about the island. After tumbling into a river, it eventually came to a rest at the entrance to Mystic Jungle. If there was anything that could have identified the ship before, it's long gone now.

Buildings Unlocked: Shipwreck, Honcho's Camp


At the bottom of a huge hole in the Mystic Jungle is a gigantic underground lake. The cenote is well-known throughout Dacardia for having some of the freshest and tastiest resources in the whole region. And it's beautiful, too!

Buildings Unlocked: Cenote

City Square

Home to Mystic Village's main power crystal, all manner of buildings were constructed in this central plaza from homes to restuaurants to shops and other amenities. It's no surprise that this became such a bustling social hub... and stayed that way right up until it was destroyed by the storm.

Buildings Unlocked: Hissi Waterfall Statue, Power Gem, Chrysalis Conservatory


The Mystic Jungle's coastline, unlike the soft sandy beaches of the peninsula, is full of rocky beaches and sheer cliffs. Because it was not a very good vacation spot, the leaders of Mystic Village decided to expand and build a community by the shore. Now it is a beautiful place to live, even with the rowdy noises behind the waterfall...

Buildings Unlocked: Waterfall Cave

Crystal Plateau

After completing the Dacardian Peninsula, the game opens up into two branches. You'll need to complete both to progress in the game, but we advise picking the Mystic Jungle Areas first before picking the Crystal Plateau to the east.

Crash Site

During the island-destroying storm, a massive meteorite landed in Dacardia and created a giant crater near the plateau gates. It was followed shortly after by a space ship, which got swept up in the storm and also come crashing down... in the exact same spot!

Buildings Unlocked: Crash Site

Keystone Park

Keystone Park is the resting place of the Gnorbu Sage's monument and a wonderful place for Dacardians to take walks and admire the radiance of the park's Dacardite deposits. Legend has it that there is a great treasure hidden here, but it seems nobody has been able to verify this claim... yet.

Buildings Unlocked: Gnorbu Sage Statue

Geyser Valley

Beneath the surface of Dacardia is a network of Dacardite crystals. The power these crystals produce is enormous and destructive, but fortunately the geysers of Geyser Valley function as a sort of ventilation systyem to expel excess power. The water and steam that comes from them is infused with colourful minerals and gem particles.

Buildings Unlocked: Crystal Geyser


The Crystal Plateau's Cliffside is home to a variety of strange and unique wildlife. Although it's been damaged by the storm and most of the plants and creatures have disappeared, it is still an oddly fertile landscape, just waiting to be re-cultivated.

Buildings Unlocked: Cliff Path, Cliffside Sanctuary

Cantata Canyon

The Cantata Canyon is a towering, naturally-formed landscape. Its sheer cliffs and craggy slopes direct and funnel wind directly to the centre of the canyon and through the pillars of the Sonata Stelae, which in turn make the canyon echo with a symphony of old songs all overlapping one another.

Buildings Unlocked: Sonata Stelae

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