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Neopets: Island Builders

Account Linking

You can link your Island Builders game with your Neopets.com account, allowing you to unlock special onsite bonuses for play. This will also enable you to continue with the same game if you switch to a new device.

To link your account, tap the Settings button on the top right of the game screen. You can then tap on the Account section and select a Neopets.com account. You will need to input your username and password.

Be aware, you can only link your Neopets.com account to one Island Builders game, and your game cannot be reset or started over once linked.

At the present time, the available items are not awarded if you already completed the objective before the item was released, or if you completed the objective before linking your account. It is unknown if this will change in the future, so if you want all the prizes, be sure to link your account prior to completing the listed actions.

The on site prizes for Island Builders are no trade items.

Link Your Account

Lania Plushie
Complete the Crystal Plateau Quests

Crystal Plateau Dacardian Shield
Complete the Mystic Jungle Quests

Power Gem Background

There will be no in-game notification when prizes are earned, but for each you will receive a Neomail on-site.

Event Prizes

Starting with v1.3.9 which included the first Altador Cup crossover event in Island Builders, there were several prizes available, which were tradable as of the time of release. These items were issued between June 8th, 2022, and July 5th, 2022.

Altador Cup Prizes
Start the Altador Cup Event

Team Dacardia Stamp
Complete the Altador Cup Event Quests

Team Dacardia Hat
Dacardia Yooyuball Avatar

Dacardia Yooyuball Avatar / Guide

In version 1.4.1 of Island Builders, talk to Ariel the Ruki to finish the Altador Cup tie-in event. After completing all of Ariel's event-related dialogue, you will receive a neomail rewarding the avatar (provided your Neopets account is linked in the app). There may be a delay of a few minutes or longer in receiving the avatar.

This avatar does not increase your total avatar count.

Due to various glitches, some users unlocked the avatar as early as June 22, 2022.

Released: July 6, 2022

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