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Hot Dog Hero

Hot Dog Hero Information
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Down at noted Neopian hot dog emporium Hubert's Hot Dogs, Hubert is not having a very good day. Thieves keep trying to steal his hot dogs and copy his famed recipes! One strangely sentient hot dog has made a run for it. Your job is to help the hot dog get back to Hubert's before time runs out!

How to Play + Strategy

Use the mouse and the arrow keys to create paths of sauce. Guide the hot dog along them to reach the door. Click on a condiment bottle on the bottom-left, then click and drag the cursor across the screen to create a path. Use the left and right arrow keys to move the hot dog along the path. Use the up key to jump and the down key to crouch.

Notice in the below screenshot the little bit of extra condiment at the end of the first path. You will need to do this in order for the hot dog to stay on the path; if you create paths in a zig-zag motion without leaving room at the end, the hot dog will fall off and you will lose a life. Jumping from one level to another is not recommended, as the hot dog cannot jump very high and often falls off the path altogether.


Ketchup Ketchup is the default condiment. The hot dog will walk normally upon it.
Mustard Mustard is the middle condiment. The hot dog will bounce rather high in the air when it makes contact with this condiment.
Mayo Mayo is the rightmost condiment. The hot dog will stick to the path like a fly - even going upside down!

Other Items

Bonus Bonus - does what it says on the tin
Enemies Enemies - touch one of these and you lose a life
Order Order slip - collect this before you get to the door!
Pickles Pickles - you can throw these at enemies!
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