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Altador Cup XII: Homes of the Altador Cup Heroes

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Homes of the Altador Cup Heroes is the 2017 Neocash component for Altador Cup XII. This event runs from June 1st, 2017 through July 1st, 2017, and the last day to activate Passes will be on July 1st.


Passes will go on sale in the NC Mall each week, beginning on June 1st. To participate in all four parts of the event, you will need to purchase and activate the four unique Passes by July 1st. You must wait to buy the specific pass for each area as they go on sale. Purchasing a duplicate pass will not grant you access to a second area.

Passes can be activated by visiting your inventory, clicking on the Pass, and activating it via the item action dropdown.

How to Play

Once you have activated your Pass, click on the corresponding location on the map. By clicking on a question mark, you will then receive that day's prize. Activating a Pass before July 1st will allow you to collect the previous days' prizes within that location.


Throughout the event, there will be areas for you to visit and claim prizes. You will need to activate a Pass for each of the areas before having access.

Mystery Island

Mystery Island Prizes


Tyrannia Prizes
June 8

Tyrannian Plateau Background
June 9

Fashionable Wildlife Inspired Dress
June 10

Unkempt Hair
June 11

Prehistoric Trousers
June 12

Bone and Skull Necklace
June 13

Tyrannian Spear Foreground
June 14

Tyrannian Fossil

Kiko Lake

Kiko Lake Prizes
June 15

Ornamental Lake with Goldies
June 16

Lake Inspired Dress
June 17

Lake Princess Wig
June 18

Gold Starfish Sandals
June 19

Shell Anklet
June 20

Underwater Signpost
June 21

Kiko Village Background


Faerieland Prizes
June 22

Luminescent Faerie Wings
June 23

Faerieland Gazebo
June 24

Ceremonial Faerie Armour
June 25

Dark Faerie Staff
June 26

Water Faerie Wig
June 27

Dark Faerie Gown
June 28

Faerieland Walkway Background
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