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Hidden Altador

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Hidden Altador is the 2014 Neocash component for Altador Cup IX. This event runs from June 1, 2014 through June 28, 2014, and the last day to activate compasses will be on June 29th. There's also an FAQ for this event.

Enchanted Compasses

Enchanted Compasses will go on sale in the NC Mall each Sunday, beginning on June 1st. To participate in all four parts of the event, you will need to purchase and activate the four compasses at some point before June 29th.

Compasses can be activated by visiting your inventory, clicking on the compass, and activating it via the item action dropdown.

How to Play

Once you have activated your compass, click on the corresponding location on the map. By clicking on a question mark, you will then receive that day's prize. Activating a compass before June 29th will allow you to collect the previous days' prizes within that location.


Throughout the event, there will be four locations for you to visit and claim prizes. You will need to activate a compass for each of the locations before having access.

Hall of Fountains

Hall of Fountains Prizes
June 1

Marble Halls Gown
June 2

Hall of Fountains Background
June 3

Burgundy Hood
June 4

Water Columns Garland
June 5

Unruly Braided Wig
June 6

Water Drain Foreground
June 7

King Altador Tribute Cape

Dicing Tower

Dicing Tower Prizes
June 8

Spiral Staircase Background
June 9

Plated Armour Top
June 19

Wall of Weapons Foreground
June 11

Sunfire Contacts
June 12

Plated Armour Trousers
June 13

Brilliant Mace of Altador
June 14

Braided Red Helm

Isle of Yooyu

Isle of Yooyu Prizes
June 15

Grey Stone Wig
June 16

Tropical Flower Dress
June 17

Yooyu on Vacation
June 18

Isle of Yooyu Hidden Cave Background
June 19

Dazzling Yooyu Trousers
June 20

Cliffside Tree
June 21

Yooyu Inspired Tutu and Tights

Gardeners Rest

Gardeners Rest Prizes
June 22

Rosie Dress
June 23

Shaded Garden Path Background
June 24

Rainbow Petal Shower
June 25

Lily Pad Umbrella
June 26

Lily Pad Wig
June 27

Mossy Archway Garland
June 28

Vine Bow Shirt
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