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The Healing Springs


Need relaxation? Looking for another potion to stuff in your inventory? Or perhaps you're too cheap to buy that expensive medicine for your pet? Well, we've got what you need!

In Faerieland, there is a place that can do all of those things: the Healing Springs! Yup, a few trips to the ever so generous Marina can get you a free cure or a free item.

You're given two options when you arrive: to ask Marina to heal your pets, or to browse around her shop.

I'm not to be confused with the Rainbow Fountain Faerie, Naia, who can paint your pets!

Healing Your Pets

When Marina heals your pets, she can restore some of their hit points or pacify their famished stomachs. She is also capable of curing diseases; however, she can either heal your active pet or all of your pets, so if one of your pets needs healing then it's better to set it as your active pet. (To do so, visit the Quick Ref page.) During the Faerie Festival, on September 20th, Marina will heal all of your pets at once.

The free disease curing is extremely helpful if your pet is afflicted with an illness that is expensive to cure. However, she doesn't do this too often so it can get frustrating at times. But your pet shouldn't suffer too long though, as you can visit her every 30 minutes.

Sad Marina
My magical abilities only allow me to heal once every thirty minutes. It's sad but true.

Sometimes, she isn't in the mood for healing and gives you an item instead, which usually is a potion, snowball, or elixir, all of which can also be found in her shop.

The Healing Springs Shop

Unlike other shops, Marina's shop never needs to restock! It's filled with an endless supply of potions and snowballs, probably because it's located right next to the Healing Springs! However, even though they are priced pretty cheap, often you'd be a lot better off just buying her items from the Shop Wizard, where you can find many potions for less than she charges (as well as some she does not sell). But in the case where you do feel the sudden urge to buy something from Marina, keep in mind that you can only buy an item from her every 30 minutes, so plan accordingly!

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