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The Haunted House

Halloween Techo - Click to Start the Story!
Dare you enter the Haunted House of certain doom? MUAHAHAHAHA!
You should really think about it, you know, because we have cookies ^_^

The Haunted House is a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' where your actions determine the story. On each page you are presented with a situation and then have to decide how you want the lead character to react. Think of is as being like an interactive book. The Haunted House takes place in the Haunted Woods and is self explanatory when you open it. Click the Halloween Techo to bring up a pop-up (make sure to turn off any pop-up blockers first!) and read the helpful text while it loads. Click the flashing skull then and choose your own path! Good luck!

To 'win' the game, you must pick the correct sequence of steps in a minimum of 16 or so choices. Occasionally, however, you may reach a dead end. You'll know it when you reach one, as they clearly say, "Try again," and there will only be that one choice. You can also go in circles indefinitely, and sometimes you can trigger something without knowing it by going somewhere. No actual Neopoints are rewarded for winning (or lost for losing).

Hints & Tips

Some quick clues to help you win are to always choose what would be the right thing to do, be polite most of the time, and make sure you know what you're running into. Those may have just confused you more, but hopefully it will make more sense to you once you start playing. Below are listed the choices you have to make in order to successfully complete the adventure, try not to look at the answer that follows unless you absolutely must. Only the first few words of each choice is listed for quick reading (and so you don't accidentally spoil anything for yourself :D).

1. Continue. 2. Stay. 3. Run. 4. Continue. 5. Keep asking. 6. Head up to the house. 7. Investigate. 8. Descend. 9. Try to break. 10. Read...history. 11. Run! 12. Continue. 13. Continue. 14. Shine. 15. Run...right. 16. Victory!

If you want to see every possible choice, click here.

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