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Haunted Mansion


To celebrate Halloween in 2020, the Haunted Mansion has returned to the NC Mall. This event is very similar to Haunted Hijinks if you have participated in that in the past.

Special Luminous Lantern packs allow you to light up rooms in order to receive prizes. The event runs from October 16, 2020 through October 31, 2020 at 11:59 PM NST. You must activate your Lanterns by 11:59 PM NST on October 31st, but there is no rush to claim your prizes. You will have until next year's Haunted Mansion to use up all of your Lantern packs.

You can participate in this on your side account(s).

Obtaining Luminous Lanterns

The Mansion

Below is a map of all the room locations and the day they correspond to:


After activating your Luminous Lanterns, head to the Haunted Mansion section of the Mall and click on one of the active, glowing windows. You will then receive your item.

If you joined late, you can still claim prizes for past dates until next year's event. The final deadline to purchase and activate your Luminous Lanterns, though, is October 31, 2020.

October 16th

Creepy Morsels Table
October 17th

Haunted Maiden Gown
October 18th

Stylish Pumpkin Stacks
October 19th

Truly Haunting Bash Background
October 20th

Lil Frankie Comes to Life
October 21st

Spyder Earrings
October 22nd

Ethereal Contacts
October 23rd

Gnawing Zomutt
October 24th

Vampire Makeup
October 25th

Poison Vase & Skulls Foreground
October 26th

Stunning Skeletal Garland
October 27th

Staff of the Dead
October 28th

Vile Vegetation Foreground
October 29th

Enter If You Dare Sign
October 30th

Splattered Suit
October 31st

Bone Pile Foreground

Bonus Prizes

For lighting up your 4th, 8th, and 16th rooms (which do not need to be in any consecutive day order—to get your 4th room bonus, you can, for example, light up the rooms from the 23rd, then 25th, then 18th, then 30th), you will receive the following items as bonus prizes:

Bonus Prizes
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