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Hannah and the Ice Caves Plot Coverage

Jellyneo's Hannah and the Ice Caves Plot Coverage

Latest Plot News

This page contains an archive of all news relating to the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot for a quick reference to when something was released. :)

22nd December

  • The final part of our Hannah and the Ice Caves story has just been released, what happens to Hannah and Kanrik? What about Taelia? Click here to find out...

  • Yay for Taelia!!! To celebrate her thawing we have the rest of the day dedicated to her :)

  • Now that Taelia has been unfrozen, her Quests are back to normal.

21st December

  • The Battle is over! After a valiant fight the Bori have awoken and have destroyed the Bringer of Night. (With a lot of help from Hannah Kanrik, Armin and lots of supporters). See what happens next in the 15th episode of our Hannah and the Ice Caves plot...

17th December

  • Kanrik and The Bringer can now be challenged in the Battledome.

16th December

  • The fourteenth part of our Hannah and the Ice Caves plot has just been released. Click here to see what has happened...

    As the Bori slowly start to thaw they sieze whatever weapons they can and rush to join the battle.

10th December

  • The 13th part of the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot has just been released...

    With Kanrik and Armin's help Hannah needs to get to the Heart of the Mountain, but there are seemingly thousands of thieves standing in her way. Meanwhile, Galem and his men have problems of their own trying to fend off the Bringer and his skeletal army.

    Who will you help as the Battle rages on?

  • We have added some more clues to the Guildmaster's Dinner.

9th December

  • Part 12 of the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot has just been unveiled and our heroes and villains appear to have made it inside the mountain. Click here to find out more...

8th December

  • A rather groggy Kanrik awakens to find himself alone in the cold Terror Mountain night after Masila has him thrown out of the thieves guild. Find out what happens next in Part 11 of the plot...

7th December

  • As the sun rose the Bringer's skeletal army seemed to fade and Galem saw his opportunity in the latest part of our Hannah and the Ice Caves plot.

14th December

  • New Challengers

    Two new challengers have entered the Battledome on either side. Thief Brutes and Overseers are causing trouble for Hannah, Kanrik and Armin, while Skeletal Warriors and Warlords are plaguing Galem and co.

3rd December

  • Will it never end? The Bringer has summoned even stronger minions to join his skeletal army and batter down Galem's defences. Things aren't looking too rosy for Hannah and Armin either as a gigantic Snow Beast enters the fray.

2nd December

  • You can now challenge Skeletal Knights and Angry Snow Beasts in the Battledome.

30th November

  • New Challengers!
    More skeletons and snow beasts have descended upon Hannah, Armin and the thieves, can you help them out?

24th November

  • The ninth part of our Hannah and the Ice Caves is now live. Click here to find out what is going on.

    With the Bringer of Night fast approaching, Galem needs his thieves to gather whatever weapons they have and fend off the skeletal horde.

    Meanwhile Hannah and Armin are being troubled by Snow Beasts and could use your help.

    The Battle begins...

23rd November

  • Trouble is brewing atop Terror Mountain. Are you going to help Hannah and Armin free the Bori, or would you rather be a dastardly thief helping Galem and his crew get all the riches they deserve? Choose wisely, for you will not be able to change your minds....

19th November

  • Where did Masila go when she left Galem? What has Kanrik been doing all this time? Find out in the Latest Installment of our Hannah and the Ice Caves story.

  • Masila has been added to the Gallery of Evil. You will be hearing more from her in the very near future...

  • The first clue for the Guildmasters' Dinner has just been announced.

  • You can now visit the same medic that Hannah did in the Lost Desert. This kind Cybunny will be selling all kinds of medical supplies and unguents as well as a steady supply of warm blankets for those cold desert nights. (Just some speculation, but this shop might be involved in the plot like Hubert's Hot Dog Stall)

18th November

  • MORE HATIC challengers have been found! Seems as if the whole Icy Skeleton Horde is represented!

16th November

  • Somewhere in a secret hideout, Galem ordered some of the most influential thieves in Neopia to join him for a rather special Dinner...

    Please, take a seat...

    Can you work out what each person ate, what their secret is, what their 'speciality' is and what their favourite Neoboard avatar is? Clues are coming soon...

14th November

  • Horde your snowballs! Stockpile your Healing Potions! THE FIRST OF THE HATIC WAR CHALLENGERS HAVE BEEN FOUND!

10th November

  • Part seven of our Hannah and the Ice Caves plot is now live and there seems to be a lot of activity at the foot of Terror Mountain... Click here to find out more!

5th November

  • Part six of our Hannah and the Ice Caves plot has just been released. Click here to find out what happened...

4th November

  • Part five of our Hannah and the Ice Caves plot has just been released and it seems that Hannah is alright after all:) Click here to find out what happened...

29th October

  • In the fourth part of our Hannah and the Ice Caves plot our heroes have found the ancient tomb that Hannah was looking for...

28th October

  • The third part of our Hannah and the Ice Caves plot has just been released. Click here to see what happens.

22nd October

21st October

  • The first part of the Hannah and the Ice Caves has just been launched! Here we meet Galem, the rather gruff leader of the thieves guild...

20th October

  • Make sure you check New Features tomorrow, we will be launching the first part of our Hannah and the Ice Caves plot and should have another little surprise for you all!

11th October

  • We have added some information about the upcoming Hannah and the Ice Caves Organised Play Event to our TCG site. It is going to be on the 30th of October and the prizes are going to include booster packs and a Snow Globe Trophy!!!

30th September and 1st October

  • We are proud to announce the fourth expansion of our Neopets Trading Card Game - yes on the 22nd of October you will be able to play with cards from the Hannah and the Ice Caves set! Featuring Hannah (she got bored of the pirate caves), thieves, icy skeletons, Lost Desert demigods and lots, lots more. We will be starting Card of the Day soon, and will be giving you lots more information of the following days.

    Also, Hannah and the Ice Caves features a whole new species of Neopet! (the Bori... see below!) :) More information coming soon!

Also, here are some editorial questions that revealed some information.

When will the next war/Plot be released? The last one wasn't all that spiffy
Yes, yes, I am sorry about that. The problem was that our TCG release just co-incided with a time where a lot of our artists were dragged away screaming onto other projects, and we had to make the decision to drop the story and concentrate on making the next one (Hannah and the Ice Caves) really good. I do apologise for that, but I am sure you will happy when you see the outcome! There will be lots of frozen skeletons and thieves and snow monsters to beat up in the Battledome :)