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Hannah and the Wardrobe of Adventure

Hannah and the Wardrobe of Adventure Information
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Hannah, still somewhat restless after all that intrepid travelling, is desperate for more missions. Unfortunately, her go-to green skirt and brown tunic don't cut it in the professional world. Thus, the ultimate dilemma: what should Hannah wear?

Are you sure this doesn't count as business casual?

How to Play

There are two modes: game and print. In game mode, you are able to earn Neopoints and (hopefully) a trophy-worthy score. Print mode is merely for fun—you cannot earn NP, but you are able to print out any outfits you create for Hannah!

Once you've selected your mode, you will be given your first mission outline. Missions are randomly selected; there are 10 total missions and should you succeed, all will be used during your game. Read your outline and scroll to our Mission Solutions section to find the correct answers. Then, click and hold the arrows on either side of the pieces of clothing to scroll though the choices. When you find the correct item, click on it to dress Hannah. When you've added all five items, select "submit." You need to get at least 4 of the 5 items correct in order to advance to the next round.


For every 3 missions that you successfully complete, you will be rewarded with a bonus round to play in which you will earn the majority of your points for the game. There are a total of 10 missions in the game, and 3 possible bonus rounds.

In addition, for every mission that you achieve a perfect score (5/5) on, you will receive a hint to use in a future mission. Hints can be used by clicking the ! button, and will place two correct items on Hannah.


For each mission, you will receive 20 points per correct item, for a total of 100 points for a perfect outfit. In addition, you have a time bonus which starts at 100 and goes down 1 point per second. Therefore, the faster you complete each mission, the higher your score will be.

On the bonus levels, you will receive 10 points per brick you destroy, 500 points for collecting the diamond, and a bonus of 2,000 points for clearing all of the bricks on the level. There is no time bonus (or time limit) on bonus levels.

The table below shows the number of points that each level (or mission set) will grant you, assuming you achieve perfect score in each. These numbers do not include time bonuses.

Wardrobe of Adventure Points
Mission/Level Points
Missions 1 - 3 300
Bonus Level 1 2730
Missions 4 - 6 300
Bonus Level 2 2830
Missions 7 - 9 300
Bonus Level 3 2880
Mission 10 100

Based on the table above, if you finish the game you will be guaranteed a base score of 9,440 points plus any time bonuses you have received. If you got a full time bonus of 100 points on each level (which is, to be clear, impossible), you get the maximum possible score of 10,440. This calculation, however, assumes that you score 5/5 on each mission as well as you clear all bricks and collect the diamond on each bonus round.


The most important strategy is to determine your outfit before your timed round begins. You will be shown the mission outline first, and can spend as much time as you want on that screen without losing points. Use this time to look up the outfit on our guide and memorize the outfit you need. Then, when you are ready, click "Continue" to begin the mission. This will allow you to maximize your time bonus.

Practice on the bonus rounds until you can successfully clear all of the bricks. Take as much time as you need on each of these rounds—they are not timed, but you only have one life. If you lose the ball, the round is over and you forfeit over 2,000 points. If this happens, and your goal is to earn a trophy, you should restart your game.

Quick Tips

  • Look up and memorize each outfit before you begin the timed round
  • Make sure that you have selected all 5 items before you click "Submit"—the game will let you proceed even if you accidentally select only 4
  • Aim for a time bonus of at least 90 per mission
  • Remember that you only have one life on each bonus round, so be careful
  • Aim to clear all of the bricks and collect the diamond on each bonus round—this is the only way to achieve a trophy-worthy score

Mission Solutions

Below is a list of the different outfits that you will be asked to assemble.

Ice Caves
Ice Caves
Mission Outline: There is rumoured to be a spectacular diamond somewhere in the Ice Caves that holds great power. Valin is said to be looking for it. Gather your tools and secure the diamond before Valin can get to it.
Kiko Lake Boat Tours
Kiko Lake Boat Tours
Mission Outline: Reports are flooding in that many of the glass bottom boats for the Kiko Lake Boat Tours have sprouted unexplained leaks. Help find the cause of who is behind this evil deed and get Boat Tours back in business without getting soaked.
Island Mystic
Island Mystic
Mission Outline: The Island Mystic has lost his marbles! He must win his next game against the Tiki Tack Man, so scour the jungle for the Mystic's lucky bag of marbles. You'll want to blend in: dress accordingly. Good luck!
Dr. Sloth
Dr. Sloth
Mission Outline: Dr. Sloth reports REALLY wanting a can of Diet Neocola, but he's having a bit of trouble with the Neocola Machine. *snicker* It seems to be pelting him with cans of cherry Neocola instead. Evil villain or not, find Dr. Sloth and make sure he's using proper change in the machine without insulting him. It's the only way to save Neopia from certain doom.
King Skarl's Collection
King Skarl's Collection
Mission Outline: A valuable turkey leg has gone missing from King Skarl's collection. It is likely that said leg was accidentally thrown out with the garbage. Fish around for the prized morsel and return it to Skarl's collection. Gross, we know, but don't judge.
Grooming Parlour
Grooming Parlour
Mission Outline: The Grooming Parlour's mirrors are missing. The shopkeeper claims a rather sinister (and vain) Acara was seen near the shop. Dress in your best and trick the Acara into returning the stolen reflective surfaces.
Faerie Queen's Castle
Faerie Queen's Castle
Mission Outline: The Faerie Queen's Castle has been besieged by a group of Darkest Faerie supporters. Head to Faerie City and subdue these ruffians with... a lullaby. Yeah, that's it. Make sure to bring the proper gear or you'll end up catching z's yourself.
Osiri's Collection
Osiri's Collection
Mission Outline: A valuable urn has gone missing from Osiri's collection. It is believed the urn was stolen and later sold to Princess Amira. Find the Urn and return it to its proper owner, and remember imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Mining Corp
Mining Corp
Mission Outline: Grundo inhabitants have reported strange goings-on at the Mining Corp. The mines are dangerous, and you'll have the S750 Defender Robot to contend with, so come prepared. Find any documentation you can on the mine's true purpose and turn it in to the authorities.
Land of Flying Ships
Land of Flying Ships
Mission Outline: Citizens from the land of flying ships have reported attacks by masked assailants dressed in black. It is believed that Niten Hiroru is behind it all. Infiltrate the enemy ranks high atop the mountains and stop the enemy from within.
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Bonus Round Maps

The bonus rounds, achieved after three successful missions, are essentially a rehash of Korbat's Lab. The idea is to bounce the little ball up and down, hitting the bricks and diamonds. Be careful that you don't let the ball fall over the edge, though, because you are given only one! If your ball falls out of play, your bonus round will end. You will earn the maximum points by destroying all the bricks as well as collecting the diamond.

However, it's important to note that if you destroy all of the bricks before you collect the diamond, the round will still end. Therefore you should attempt to collect the diamond early on, because it is worth 500 points.

23 bricks
Terror Mountain
Terror Mountain
33 bricks
Neopia Central
Neopia Central
38 bricks
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Finally, each bonus round is increasingly more difficult than the last, because the board grows in size. In the first round, you have 23 bricks to clear. In the second and third rounds, you have 33 and 38 to clear in order to earn your bonus.

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