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Guess the Card

Guess the Card Information
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One of the original games on Neopets, Guess the Card is a test of your psychic abilities.

"I see a cross...or maybe it's a plus?"

How to Play

When you open the game, you are presented with 6 cards, each with a different shape. Your job is to choose a card, and then your active pet will guess which one you have chosen.

There are six cards: wavy lines, square, circle, triangle, cross, and plus sign.

It costs you 10 NP for each guess, and if your pet guesses correctly you win 50 NP.


The game is completely random, and each card has equal likelihood of your pet guessing correctly, and your pet's previous guesses have no impact on their next guess. Because of this, there is no strategy to help you win more often. Just choose whichever card you feel like each round!

Because each card has equal likelihood of being chosen, the expected value of each game is (50-10)*1/6 + (-10)*5/6 = -10/6 ≈ -1.67 NP per game. This means that, like near all gambling games, you are expected to lose money in the long run.

Your pet's intelligence does not have an impact on their likelihood of choosing the correct card.

Unlike many other browser-based games on Neopets, such as Dice-A-Roo, your pet will never get bored of playing Guess The Card.


On the screen where you select your card, your pet will make a comment to you. Here is a list of all comments:

  • Fear me, the master of all things psychic
  • I see... I see a city in the clouds
  • I see the future!
  • I can sense your thoughts
  • I am Psychic!
  • This game's too easy!

Interestingly, every time you play with a Bruce, they will have a different set of comments, all famous catchphrases of the original version of the Bruce, Bruce Forsyth!

  • What do points make? Prizes!!!
  • Higher or Lower than a 7??
  • Welcome to the Generation Game!!!
  • Nice to see you... to see you nice
  • Forsyths the name, humours the game

When your pet guesses correctly, you are always told, "Congratulations your pet is psychic!" But every time your pet guesses incorrectly, the game gives you a sassy message to let you know. Here is a list of all the messages:

  • focus... fffffooocccuusss...
  • do or do not, there is no try.
  • oh dear... perhaps a bit more training is in order!
  • maybe your pet is not concentrating enough...
  • next time concentrate harder!
  • it is back to psychic school for [pet name].
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