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Gourmet Foods List

Thornata Cookie Negg Acara Cabbage Cake

Does your Neopet have an appetite for the finer foods of Neopia? If so, your pet could earn a reward for being a selective eater from the Gourmet Club!

The Club

Similar to the book clubs of Neopia, a high score table exists to track the number of unique gourmet foods that your Neopet has eaten. The Gourmet Club hub lists the top 200 Neopets that have eaten the most gourmet foods. You can also find your own Neopet's list of gourmet foods eaten there, although it will only show item images and not item names.

A pet's gourmet list is associated only with the pet, and not the account, meaning their Gourmet Club status is unchanged even if the pet changes accounts or goes to the Pound.

Gourmet Definition

"Gourmet foods" are defined as any edible item with a rarity between r90 and r100. Only items officially classified as food and edible for all species of Neopets qualify. (Grarrls, for example, can eat any item, but only food qualifies for the Gourmet Club.)

If your Neopet eats one of these foods, it will count towards your Gourmet Club Rating.

For a full list of gourmet foods, see our Item Database:

All Gourmet Foods »

Because gourmet status is defined by rarity only, you can also easily tell from your inventory or SDB if a food is gourmet if it has one of the following labels: (very rare), (ultra rare), or (super rare). (You can learn more about these labels in our Item Rarities Explained guide.)

Previously Gourmet

You may come across some Neopets who have foods appear on their gourmet list that are no longer r90 through r100. There have been a few times throughout history where TNT has changed the rarity of items, such as retiring groups of items, and changing their gourmet eligibility in the process.

An example is the Puntec Pie, which used to be r97 but is now r180. If your Neopet ate this item while it was r97, it will count towards their gourmet grand total, but Neopets today cannot eat that item for the Gourmet Club.


If you feed your Neopet enough Gourmet Foods to rise towards the top of the Gourmet Club high score list, your Neopet will receive a trophy on their lookup. (Note, this trophy will not appear on your user lookup, but rather the individual Neopet's lookup.)

Currently, the following trophies are available:

Placement Trophy
1st through 3rd
4th through 8th
9th through 17th
18th through 200th

Your Neopet must maintain their spot in the high score list for at least one evening, as trophies are only awarded once per day (and the exact time of them being awarded moves around).

If your Neopet falls in ranking, they will still keep the highest trophy that they obtained. Your Neopet can only have one Gourmet Club trophy at a time, so your bronze will upgrade to silver, for example, if you feed enough.

Unlike game high score tables, there are no other formal benefits to having your Neopet in the high score table—just fame and glory, of course!

Eating Tips

Bloated Neopets

Your Neopet may eat a gourmet food only until they are bloated. You will then need to wait for their hunger level to grow before they will consume more food. You can, however, get around this by feeding them a Rainbow Melt Pizza, which will change your Neopet's hunger level to "very full." This may not always be very cost effective though, as sometimes the item can be quite expensive, especially since your Neopet will naturally get hungry for free given enough time.

Rainbow Melt Pizza

"Yucky" Foods

If the name of your Neopet has the same number of characters as the name of item you wish to feed it (including spaces), then your Neopet will reject the food and refuse to eat it.

You can get around this by changing the language of Neopets.com (using the "Select Language" feature at the bottom of the page), which will also change the name of the item and therefore the number of characters. However, this trick only works for items released before 2015, when Neopets stopped translating the site. There is currently no workaround for items released in 2015 and later.

Checklist Tool

Our Item Database also features a handy checklist tool. Simply paste in the source code from your Neopet's foods eaten list, and we'll give you a complete list of gourmet food that you can still eat. The tool will also point out which foods your Neopet will find to be "yucky."

Gourmet Food Checklist Tool »

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