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Gormball Information
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Ah, Gormball. That most timeless of Neopian sports, enjoyed by children and adults alike. Two parts hot potato, one part water balloon fight, and with just a dash of alien invasion, it's sure to be unlike any other game you've played before. When Deckball just won't cut it and Wingoball is a little too creepy, it's gotta be Gormball!

What're you waiting for?

How to Play

Before playing Gormball, you must first select a character to play as. While the character biographies attribute different skill levels to each of them, no character is any more likely to win than any other. Because of this, neither the character you choose nor their position relative to the other characters matter, and you can choose whichever one you like best.

To play, select an amount of time to hold the Gormball before throwing it to the next character in the circle. Your choices for the amount of time to hold the ball are 2 to 5 seconds, although you are able to hold for just 1 second by simply refreshing the page instead of choosing a time. You will gain more points the longer you hold the ball, but it will explode after a random amount of time (typically between four and fifteen seconds), and whoever is holding it at this time is out of the game.

Game Screen
It's splat or be splatted...

Occasionally, you will be granted a Gormball bonus. These are extra points (or a loss of points!) awarded at random throughout the game, with the specific bonuses likely to turn up depending on your current score.

Ball Score Points
Pink < 15 Small Gain (1-7)
Electric > 10 Mid Gain (10-35)
Steel 16-35 Mid Loss (5-21)
Space > 35 Mid Gain (20-30)
Peppermint > 35 Large Gain (25-35)
Fire > 45 Mid Gain (20-30)
Beach > 50 Large Gain (30-40)
Dirty > 50 Large Loss (15-40)
8-ball > 70 Large Gain (50-70)
Smiley > 100 Large Gain (50-100)


For each second you hold the Gormball, you will gain 2 points (4 points for two seconds, 6 points for three seconds, etc). When your score is between 15 and 36, the only bonuses you will receive will cause you to lose points; because of this, it is recommended that you hold the ball a little longer than you might otherwise, to increase your score more quickly.

Quick Tips

  • When the player immediately before you loses, you can spend more time holding the ball.
  • While the smallest amount of time you can select is two seconds, if you reload the page you will pass the ball, having held it for only one second. While it may appear that your turn has been skipped, this is a bug with the text, and you can indeed lose on such a turn.
  • When your score is between 15 and 36, you will only get negative bonuses; try to stay between 10 and 15 until you get a big bonus, and when above 15, try to increase your score as quickly as possible.
  • Like many of the old PHP games, your pet may get bored and refuse to play Gormball for the rest of the day.

You wanna prize, huh? I'LL give ya a PRIZE!


Each game of Gormball costs 20 Neopoints to play. If you lose a game, you get 1 Neopoint for every point you had when you lost. If you win a game, you get 4 Neopoints for every point you had when you won, plus an item from r30 to r70 from category Food, Magic Item, Toys, Clothes, Grooming, Medicine, or Slushie. Click the button below to view all possible items in the Item Database.

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Gormball - Gargarox

Gormball - Gargarox / Guide

Win a game of Gormball.

Released: September 23, 2004

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