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Goparokko Information
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11.11 Points =
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In Goparokko, you play as a Yurble on Mystery Island who thinks he has the magical powers of a witch doctor after discovering an ancient ruin where he can make coloured tiles disappear!

How to Play

After clicking on the "Start Game" button on the menu screen, you will be given a choice of three difficulty settings. The only real difference between the difficulties is the rate at which the timer runs out; in Easy mode it drains at a snail's pace, in Medium mode it runs out a little bit faster, and in Hard mode you will find yourself running out of time much faster. The scoring also works a bit differently, but we'll get to that later.

Upon beginning a game you will be presented with a screen that looks like this:

Game Screen

The level increases every 200 points, and at certain levels the timer starts to empty more quickly. The background image will change every 10 levels.

The object is to move the tiles into 2 x 2 blocks of the same colour to make them magically disappear; you rotate the tiles using your glowing selector. Each time you click the left mouse button, the four tiles highlighted inside the square will rotate one place clockwise. To make things a little more interesting there are a few special tiles to contend with during the game.

Special Tiles
Bomb tile Bomb Tile: Removes all tiles of the same colour currently on the board. Does not include multiplier tiles or locked tiles unless part of the cleared block.
Bonus tile Bonus Tile: Doubles or quadruples the number of points you just earned.
Combo tile Combo Tile: When the large tile is removed, the smaller tile takes its place.
Hourglass tile Hourglass Tile: Adds more time to the timer.
Locked tile Locked Tile: When this tile is among those selected, the tiles cannot be moved.
Wildcard tile Wildcard Tile: Can take the place of any colour on the board.


Tiles have a base value in each difficulty mode. When you clear a block of tiles, you will earn this many points for each tile you clear:

  • Easy: 4 points
  • Medium: 6 points
  • Hard: 8 points

There is no extra bonus for clearing blocks larger than 2 x 2 or clearing multiple colours in one move.

There is a bonus for combo clears, where another block is cleared instantly by the new tiles that replaced a block of tiles you just cleared. A combo bonus will earn you the points for clearing the initial block of tiles, and also the points for the second block of cleared tiles and the original block over again. This stacks recursively with increasing combo lengths.

Multiplier tiles will multiply your score from a clear by 2 or 4.


In early levels, especially on Easy mode, time is plentiful and you can take extra time to set up combos to leverage the bonus that comes with them.

Combo Clearance
Once the blue tiles vanish, the embedded purple tile will appear and clear the block of purples as well

This screenshot is from Hard mode, so I received 32 points for clearing the blue tiles, plus another 32 points for clearing the purple ones and an additional 32 for the blue ones again. Think of it as a sort of a pyramid; your first move goes at the top, then the second layer is your first move plus your second one and so on. Effectively you can string together as many combo steps as you are able to in order to reap massive points bonuses.

Because the colours of replacement tiles are random, you can only guarantee a combo when using combo tiles. However, you can stack the odds in your favor without combo tiles by making sure the corners of a cleared block of tiles are wrapped by three tiles of the same colour, the same way you would if you were using a combo tile.

Another efficient way to get points is to combine multiplier tiles with dynamite tiles, which gives you a big point drop and decent odds at earning a combo with all of those tiles being replaced!

On later levels, where the time drains quickly, just stop thinking about combos and focus on clearing as quickly as you can. Check out our "Maneuvering Tiles" section below for quick patterns to keep an eye out for.

Always get rid of locked tiles as soon as possible to avoid another one appearing right by it where you won't be able to get in to clear either of them. You get the same amount of points for clearing a locked tile as a regular one, but knowing you have the freedom to move everything around again is worth going out of your way for it.

Goparokko Staff Goparokko Plushie Goparokko Staff

You may find getting a high score or the avatar score is actually best achieved on Easy mode due to the significantly relaxed time restriction. Even though each tile cleared is worth less, you can take a slow and steady approach to keep racking up points for much longer than you maybe could on the higher difficulties, and it's also easier to plan combos and figure out how to clear locked tiles. Just be ready for the long haul: a high score game could take 30 minutes or more.

Maneuvering Tiles

To get a high score, try to memorize and build intuition for these patterns as you play.

There are two arrangements of tiles that can be cleared in one click: the "backwards L" (left) and the "backwards 7" (right):

Backwards L    Backward 7
One-click patterns

There are several arrangements that can be cleared in two clicks. The first click is to change the arrangement into either a backwards L or a backwards 7, and the second click to clear it.

"Descending steps" can be cleared by rotating each of the steps in either order:

Descending steps
Descending steps

"Lightning bolts" can be cleared by rotating both parts of the lower part of the bolt in either order:

Lightning bolt
Lightning bolt

Whatever you want to call this scattered pattern can be cleared by rotating the two disconnected pieces in either order. Note that we showed this on an 8x8 grid for clarity.

Scattered pattern
Scattered pattern

"T shapes" can be cleared by rotating the tiles shown left first to make them a backwards L, which can then be cleared as shown right. (These must be done in order.) An easy way to remember this is to imagine there's a face on the part of the T sticking out: you want to put a box around the person's face, body, and right hand.

T shape    Backwards L
T shape

"Arrows" can be cleared by rotating the separated tile in place twice:


Quick Tips

  • Avoid looking at the timer, and instead focus constantly on clearing blocks. If you do this, the timer will take care of itself.
  • Avoid using dynamite tiles with colours that have locked tiles. After the dynamite clears all the unlocked tiles of that colour, it will become very difficult to clear the locked tile.
  • Use a mouse! The trackpad tends to be much harder to control. The game also works with touchscreens, but your first tap only moves the selection box and you have to tap again to actually move the tiles there.
  • In later levels when time is short, don't overthink or hesitate. When you start making moves to clear a block, see it through to finish, even if you misclick or realize it wasn't the pattern you thought it was!

Goparokko / Guide

Send a score of 8,500+ points in Goparokko.

When activated, the 2019 Charity Corner perk, More for Less, decreased the score needed to 6,800+ points.

Released: November 21, 2013

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