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Jan 3 - Aisha Day
Jan 6 - Gnorbu Day
Jan 11 - Buzz Day
Jan 14 - Sloth Day
Jan 16 - Elephante Day
Jan 29 - Kacheek Day

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Neopets Goodies and Tools

With the goodies and tools provided here, you can do anything from creating your own custom Random Events to finding an old image of your pet!

Avatar Checklist Tool
Gotta collect 'em all! (And this tool lets you see which ones are left!)
Battledome Opponent Checklist Tool
Get a list of the Battledome opponents that you still need to find in Neopia.
Daily Dare Stats [Requires a jnAccount]
Beating up AAA left and right? Brag to Neopia by generating your own Daily Dare progress image.
Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium
A giant searchable database of Neopets images. Type in a couple keywords and get a list of all the matching images! Great for finding that perfect image to use in your graphics.
Goal Counters [Requires a jnAccount]
Select from hundreds of goal counter templates and generate your own counter to let Neopia know how close you are to reaching your goals.
Hex Color Codes
A simple grid of basic Hex colors, great for working on your Neopets profile or a new font for the Boards.
Item Checklist Tools
Looking for a checklist for Gourmet Foods? Books? Neodeck Cards? Stamps? Booktastic Books? We've got you covered.
Lab Ray Logger [Requires a jnAccount]
Keep track of all your Lab Ray zaps automatically!
My Altador Cup Record [Requires a jnAccount]
Nearing the top rank in this year's Altador Cup? Shootout Showdown junkie? Show off your AC wins to Neopia by generating your own stats image.
My Wishlists [Requires a jnAccount]
Create your own Wishlists for your Neofriends and then generate the code to display it on your petpage!
New Rainbow Pool
Ever since Neopets 2.0 took over, the Rainbow Pool has undergone an update! Use our new Pool to see the current poses of all the different pet species and colours.
Old Pet Poser
An archive of the Neopets that used to be.
Petpet Matcher
Looking for a new petpet? Find the perfect match for your Neopet by comparing options next to your Neopet!
Pound Adoption Cost Calculator
A long, complicated name, with the simple purpose of determining how much your pet will cost in a transfer or in the pound itself.
Socially Awkward Meepit Generator
Need a Meepit to defuse a socially awkward situation?
Magma Pool Time Checklist
Keep track of which time slots the Magma Pool guard is awake—and figure out the 10 minute slot where he's asleep!