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The Golden Dubloon

The Golden Dubloon

The Golden Dubloon is a restaurant, located off the coast of Krawk Island. To enter, you must have some Dubloons in your inventory. The restaurant has a limited seating capacity, however, so you may need to try multiple times before being able to enter.

Dubloon Dubloon Dubloon

Leftovers Strategy

One advantage to eating at the Golden Dubloon is that you may occasionally receive food to take "home" with you, which can sell for a high number of Neopoints due to them all being Gourmet Foods. To even be eligible for taking food home, you must eat something from each of the 4 categories on the menu. The cheapest way to do this is to select the cheapest foods from each category, which will cost you 8 Dubloons.

If you get leftovers, it will be one of the items you selected to eat. If you don't want to receive any of the cheaper items, you'll need to pay more to receive something different.

If you enter the Golden Dubloon with a higher denomination Dubloon than the cost of your food, you will receive change when you pay. For example, if you choose 8 Dubloons worth of food off the menu and pay with a 10 Dubloon Coin, you'll receive 2 Dubloons back.

As a note, your pet will not receive Gourmet Food Club points for eating at the Golden Dubloon. Your pet must instead consume the leftovers via your inventory to get the credit.

How to Dine Without Flash

Flash was officially discontinued in January 2021, but TNT has yet to release a Flash-free version of Golden Dubloon. Fortunately, there is a workaround available to dine without Flash. You can use the direct links below each item in the tables below to add them to your order. Once they are on your order, you can consume them from the EAT! section (no Flash necessary).

The Menu

Below is a full menu, with the associated prices in Dubloons:

Waiter Hand

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