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Giant Jelly

In the heart of that most wondrous and definitely fictional of places, Jelly World, lies the Giant Jelly. Well, everything in Jelly World is technically a giant jelly, but this is one that they actually let you eat!

Giant Jelly
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The Giant Jelly is much like the Giant Omelette, in that once a day you can scoop out a nice jelly from it, free of charge. Even though it's a massive amount of jelly, thousands of hungry Neopians flock to it daily, so it's entirely possible that it will all have been eaten when by the time you get there.

Giant Jelly Guard
The Giant Jelly has been eaten!

At random times during the day, you will encounter the Jelly Keeper when approaching the Giant Jelly; this happens whenever the jelly runs out. If you're willing to wait, a new one will be assembled before long. You will also meet the Jelly Keeper when trying to take more than one piece of jelly in a day, which is a big no-no.

Eating Jelly

Whole Jelly Half Jelly Finished Jelly

Similar to omelettes, jellies can be used to feed your pet more than once. When fed to your pet, a whole jelly will become a half jelly; when a half jelly is fed to your pet, it will disappear. The same is also true of the trifles that the Giant Jelly gives out.

Jelly Effects

There are two types of jelly that can make your pet sick when eaten, which you may want to avoid. Poisonous Jelly may give your pet Neomonia, while Glowing Jelly has a chance to give them Blurred Vision. To learn more on preventing and curing such illnesses, see our Neopian Diseases and Cures guide.

If you're willing to risk your vision-impaired pet stumbling around and breaking your priceless Qasalan vases, however, it's rumored that feeding them a Glowing Jelly has a very small chance of changing their color to Glowing!

Giant Jelly Prizes

While all of the jellies listed below are available from the Giant Jelly, some are significantly more rare than others. While they're unlikely to fetch a very good price (even rare jelly is fairly common), you should consider yourself lucky to have gotten one of these treats.

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