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Ghoul Catchers

On May 20, 2020, Neopets announced that Ghoul Catchers will be discontinued, and the app was removed from app stores on July 22, 2020. At that time, the app was still playable if you had already had it downloaded to your device. The servers powering the game will shut down on December 31, 2020, and the game will cease to function at that time.


We are collecting data for this area on Neopets!

Have you played Ghoul Catchers recently? We are trying to determine the exact requirements of the silver Three-Star Mastery achievements below. Do you know the answer? Tell us!

Prove your game skills and earn rewards! Each Achievement has different requirements to fill the bar. Once a bar is filled, select "claim" to receive a trophy status and a free power-up! Once an Achievement is 'complete', the bar will not restart again. Below are the Achievement categories and the rewards for each trophy:

Three-Star Mastery

Earning three stars on a house in the first visit is hard enough, but X times? They said it couldn't be done! They were wrong.

This achievement is the most difficult to complete. The progress bar will only increase when you earn 3 stars on a house for the first time. Stars will not contribute to your bar if you replay a level that already achieved 3 stars.

Three-Star Mastery
Bronze Trophy Silver Trophy Gold Trophy
10 houses ??? 84 houses
Utility Kit Booster Utility Kit Booster Utility Kit Booster

Star Collecting

You've proven yourself useful to the Ghoul Catchers by collecting X stars. Not bad for an intern!

This achievement will require you to collect stars as you play levels. If you replay a completed level and earn stars, your progress bar will still increase. Replaying level 1 will easily complete each bar.

Star Collecting
Bronze Trophy Silver Trophy Gold Trophy
60 stars 120 stars 240 stars
Utility Kit Booster Ghoul-B-Gone Ghoul-B-Gone

Friend Finder

How fortuitous it is to find friends while following phantoms! Good thing you connected to Facebook.

To earn a trophy for this achievement, you must connect to Facebook. To our knowledge, this achievement only awards the silver trophy (no matter what your friend count is). Click 'claim' to receive your trophy and free power-up! You can only collect a trophy and power-up once from this achievement.

Star Collecting
Silver Trophy
Utility Kit Booster

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