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Igloo Garage Sale

Mika and Carassa Igloo Garage Sale

At the top of Terror Mountain, run by Mika and Carassa, is the Igloo Garage Sale. This couple is looking to move and is willing to sell you their old items at a bargain. Items found here can be listed for much cheaper than you may find them anywhere else in Neopia.

Restocking Info

Similar to the other special shops, the Igloo Garage Sale has certain rules about items that stock, how many you can purchase, and how often.

  • The garage sale usually restocks between :37 - :47 seconds every minute.
  • Once you purchase an item, you will be blocked from buying another for a random amount of time between 1 and 3 minutes. If you try to purchase another item within that time frame, you'll receive this message: Hey, give everybody else a chance to buy stuff! Come back in a couple of minutes!
  • You are only allowed to purchase a maximum of 10 items a day from this shop, so make sure you choose wisely.

Items for Sale

Igloo Garage sale can stock any item with a rarity of 89 or below, but some special things to be on the lookout for are tan codestones, pinatas (for the avatar), and A Mysterious Valentines Card (for the site theme) that they sell.

Main Codestone Meuka Pinata A Mysterious Valentines Card

Calculating Expected Costs

The price that you would pay in the shop for the item can be calculated based on the estimated value of the object. The estimated value can be found by clicking on the item in your inventory:

Estimated Value Screenshot

This value should then be divided by 3 (rounded up) and then add 3. This would give you the expected cost you would pay for an item in the garage sale should it restock there.

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