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Lulu's GMC Neocash Challenge

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The GMC NC Challenge is the 2015 Neocash component for the Games Master Challenge. This event runs from November 23, 2015 through November 30, 2015. There's an FAQ for this event.

Getting Started

AAA and Lulu are back for this November's Games Master Challenge. You can earn more prizes by participating in Lulu's NC Challenge, but you will need a special ticket pack to participate.

Before purchasing, join a team, either Fire or Ice. After you've joined a team, purchase your ticket pack, which is sold in the NC Mall in the Specialty section. Once you have the ticket pack in your inventory, click on it and activate it from the drop down menu. You will then need to visit the GMC page and click on "Lulu's Challenge" at the top of the page.

NC Challenge Ticket Packs

Claiming Your Prize

When you've completed a challenge for the day, click on the box on the challenge page to receive your prize:


Here's a list of the daily prizes:

Neocash Challenges
Day Challenge Prize
November 23rd-24th Send a score in both Magma Blaster and Snow Wars II. Snowy Campfire Background
Snowy Campfire Background
November 25th Send a score in both Wingoball and Itchy Invasion. Petpet-Filled Flower Pot Foreground
Petpet-Filled Flower Pot Foreground
November 26th Send a score in both Pterattack and Ultimate Bullseye II. Fiery Bow and Arrow
Fiery Bow and Arrow
November 27th Send a score in both Nova Defender and Edna's Shadow. Twinkling Nova Lights Frame
Twinkling Nova Lights Frame
November 28th Send a score in both Attack of the Gummy Dice and Berry Bash. Gadgadsbogen Evening Background
Gadgadsbogen Evening Background
November 29th Send a score in both Goparokko and Spellseeker. Color Block Dress
Color Block Dress
November 30th Send a score in both Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars and Lost in Space Fungus. Fuzzy Vest and Sweater
Fuzzy Vest and Sweater


Lulu issued a challenge and you rose to the occasion! As your reward, you have earned these two items as your prizes. These two items were awarded for participating in the NC Challenge. To retrieve these prizes, go back to the GMC page.

NC Challenge Bonus

Ember Wig

Taelia Wig
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