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Lulu's GMC Neocash Challenge

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The GMC NC Challenge is the 2010 Neocash component for the Games Master Challenge. This event runs from November 23, 2010 through November 29, 2010. There's an FAQ for this event.

Getting Started

AAA and Lulu are back for this November's Games Master Challenge. As with previous years, AAA will give you new challenges every day for a week, in the hopes that you won't be able to beat him. If you prove him wrong and defeat him, you'll be awarded a fabulous gold trophy to display on your user lookup!

You can earn more prizes by participating in Lulu's NC Challenge, but you need a special ticket pack first. These are sold in the NC Mall in the Games section. Once you have the ticket pack in your inventory, click on it and activate it from the drop down menu. You will then need to apply the tickets on the NC Challenge page.

Challenges and Prizes

When you've completed a challenge, click on the blank box on the challenge page to receive your prize!

Neocash Challenges
Day Challenge Prize
November 23rd

So Calculating!
Complete any two of the Day 1 challenges. Jumping Babaa Garland
Jumping Babaa Garland
Swirls of Numbers Background
Swirls of Numbers Background
November 24th

Something's Brewing
Complete any two of the Day 2 challenges. Lab Jellies Shower
Lab Jellies Shower
Laboratory Background
Laboratory Background
November 25th

Afraid of the Dark?
Complete any two of the Day 3 challenges. Wind-Up Mutant Petpets
Wind-Up Mutant Petpets
Darkness Attacks
Darkness Attacks
November 26th

Petpet Invasion!
Complete any two of the Day 4 challenges. Plushie Slorg Shower
Plushie Slorg Shower
Petpet Pajamas
Petpet Pajamas
November 27th

Meet Your Match
Complete any two of the Day 5 challenges. Missmatched Stockings and Shoes
Missmatched Stockings and Shoes
Kiko Match Stringlights
Kiko Match Stringlights
November 28th

More Fun Than Saying, "Boing!"
Complete any two of the Day 6 challenges. Bouncing Warf Trinket
Bouncing Warf Trinket
Pogo Stick Trinket
Pogo Stick Trinket
November 29th

Better Watch Your Tail!
Complete any two of the Day 7 challenges. Jail Shirt
Jail Shirt
Bandit Mask
Bandit Mask

Bonus Prizes

For completing at least one challenge, players received a bonus prize - a wearable medal. The medal received depended on the number of challenges completed - you received a Silver Medal for completing 1-6 challenges, and a Gold Medal for completing all 7 challenges.

For completing all 7 challenges, players also received the following mini pack:

Games Master Challenge NC Challenge 2010 Gaming Mini Pack

Which contains the following items when opened:

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