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The Games Master Challenge - November 2010

AAA and Lulu are back for this November's Games Master Challenge. As with previous years, AAA will give you new challenges every day for a week, in the hopes that you won't be able to beat him. If you prove him wrong and defeat him, you'll be awarded a fabulous gold trophy to display on your user lookup!

When you've completed a challenge, click on the blank box on the challenge page to receive your prize! The deadline for all challenges is 11:59pm NST on November 29th. Good luck!

You can earn more prizes by participating in Lulu's NC Challenge.

Day 7 - November 29th

# Title Challenge Prize
More Amazing Than a Double Rainbow Across the Sky!
Send your score in seventy-five different qualifying games. Double Rainbow Background
Can I Have a Fish Negg? Pretty Please?
Send a minimum score of 300 in Meerca Chase II. Eau de Fish Negg
What Does This Red Button Do?
Send a minimum score of 400 in Trouble at the National Neopian. Garfir Bank
World Class Gamer
Play a qualifying game from ten different Neopian lands.

Note: If you're unable to collect your prize for this, The Neopets Team will go through and fix things manually so you can. If it says you haven't completed it when you have, it will not affect your chance of getting a gold trophy (see trophies section for more details.)

Altador Brightvale Darigan Citadel Faerieland Haunted Woods Kiko Lake Krawk Island Kreludor Lost Desert Maraqua Meridell Mystery Island Neopia Central Roo Island Shenkuu Terror Mountain Tyrannia Virtupets Space Station
Around the World in 10 Games
Gotta Do What Ya Gotta Do!
Send a minimum score of:
Cover of Darkness Foreground

Day 6 - November 28th

# Title Challenge Prize
Guys, My Finger's Really tired D:
Send your score in sixty different qualifying games. Finger Splint
It's Almost Hypnotic O.O
Send a minimum score of 200 in Hasee Bounce. Look A Hasee!
Wait, This Doesn't Exist
Send a minimum score of 400 in Bouncy Supreme. Jelly Blumaroo Plushie
We Love Them All
Send a score in a qualifying game with two million or less plays, and one with over 20,000,000 plays.

Nova Defender and Meerca Chase II is a popular combination. Below is an expanded list.

Less than two million plays (as of November 28, 12:01am NST): More than twenty million plays (as of November 28, 12:01am NST):
GMC Nesting Dolls
No Thanks, I'm Stuffed
Send a minimum score of:
Fancy Kitchen Background

Day 5 - November 27th

# Title Challenge Prize
Going for the Gold!
Send your score in forty-five different qualifying games. Gold Mauket
Help, I'm Seeing Double!
Send a minimum score of 130 in Kiko Match II. Twin Kiko Plushies
I've Gone and Made a Mess...
Send a minimum score of 1,500 in Destruct-O-Match III. Heavy Mallet
But This Is Haaaaard :(
Play any qualifying game with a difficulty rating of 7 or more.

Your choices (as of November 27, 12:01am NST):
A Tale of Tears
My Keyboard Smells Now :(
Send a minimum score of 150 in Turmac Roll. How to Deal with Strange Looks

Day 4 - November 26th

# Title Challenge Prize
No Sweat!
Send your score in thirty different qualifying games. Games Master Challenge Stamp
Do We Really Want to Be Feeding Them?
Send a minimum score of 1,500 in Meepit Juice Break. Creepy Wind-Up Meepit
Let Me Get a Snack First
Send a minimum score of 1,400 in Snowmuncher. Glass Full of Ice Cubes
And I Did It Myyy Waaaaaay!
Play three qualifying games that are on your favourites list. Old Fashioned Toy Microphone
It's Rainin' Petpets
Send a minimum score of:
Buzzer Umbrella

Day 3 - November 25th

# Title Challenge Prize
All Too Easy
Send your score in fifteen different qualifying games. Dark Villain Usuki Doll
Did You Hear Something?
Send a minimum score of 300 in Carnival of Terror. Managing Irrational Fears
Don't Forget to Bring Your Jacket
Send a minimum score of 3,600 in Ice Cream Machine. Most Delicious Ice Cream Ever
Show Me the Money!
Visit a game page where the NP ratio is 0.2 or lower. This one works. Floating Giant Neopoint Background
This Is Scary D:
Send a minimum score of:
Bloodshot Eye Contacts

Day 2 - November 24th

# Title Challenge Prize
I Think I Did This in My Sleep
Send your score in five different qualifying games. Sleeping Kit
Argh, There's a Korbat in My Hair!
Send a minimum score of 450 in Korbats Lab. Starry Korbat Plushie
You'll Poke Your Eye Out, Kid
Send a minimum score of 10 in Zurroball. Space Station Airlock Background
Good Things Come in Threes!
Add three qualifying games to your favourites list. Only the Best!
Mixing Things Up
Send a minimum score of:
Lab Set

Day 1 - November 23rd

# Title Challenge Prize
You mean I have to Click a Button?
Send your score in one qualifying game. Well Done Card
At Least It's Not Statistics, Right?
Send a minimum score of 175 in Maths Nightmare. How to Maths
They Cast a Spell on Me
Send a minimum score of 50,000 in Spellseeker. Magical Wand of Magicalness
24! 32! 61! 51! 84! ARGHHH!!
Send a minimum score of 20 in Extreme Potato Counter. Scroll of Curses
Down on the Farm
Send a minimum score of:
Adventure Action Farm Playset

Community Challenge

This year, there is a group challenge for all Neopians. Once 45 million gameplays are reached, those who participated in this event will receive a special item. Head over to the GMC main page to collect!

Neopets Tabard


Trophies - Number Of Challenges Completed

(1 Challenge Completed)

(5 Challenges Completed)

(10 Challenges Completed)

(15 Challenges Completed)

(20 Challenges Completed)

(25 Challenges Completed)

(30 Challenges Completed)

(34 Challenges Completed*)

* After a glitch involving the World Class Gamer challenge on Day 7, the top trophy only requires 34 challenges completed.

The Neopets Team posted this notice on November 29th: