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The Games Master Challenge - November 2008

After half a year of hiding in fear from Roothless, AAA is back and badder than ever! (Sorry for the cliche.) In order to regain whatever pride he had before he was kidnapped... well, he's challenging you with game challenges for a week, in the hopes that you will not be able to beat him. Your goal is to beat him in as many of his challenges as possible.

With my floaty chair, I will be able to keep an eye on you!
(That's not weird at all, by the way.)

Oh, and what's this? You also get prizes for finishing challenges! Those prizes are listed next to the challenge from which you get them. (They're also linked to our Item Database just in case you want to see more information on them. Simply click on the image to be brought to the item's specific page.)

After a week of AAA's challenges, you will be given a trophy corresponding to the number of challenges completed. You can click here to see the trophies. What are you waiting for? Go get 'im! (Thankfully TNT fixed the odd green backgrounds on the trophies, now they look all spiffy again!)

Day 7 - December 1st

# Title Challenge Prize
1 Difficult As Fulfilling Jhudora's Quest Send your score in seventy-five different qualifying games. Mounted Certificate of Grand Mastery
2 Berry Impressive! Round up those berries and roll to a score of 125 on Turmac Roll. Turmac Balloon
3 Three's the key Play three qualifying games that are on your favourites list. Old Boardgame with Missing Instruction Manual
4 Secret Game Challenge

Ready, Aim, Fire!
As a tribute to Neopia's 10th anniversary, an old favourite has returned! Get a score of at least 25 on Ultimate Bullseye 1. Neohome Version of Ultimate Bullseye
5 The Sky's The Limit Get a score of:
Poetry Balloon

Day 6 - November 30th

# Title Challenge Prize
1 Rigourous As Trying To Fill An Entire Stamp Album Page Send your score in sixty different qualifying games. Mounted Certificate of Mastery
2 Get On The List Manage your list and get a score of 150 on Walmart's Make Your List. Grundo Thief Plushie
2a Vat's The Idea! Fill the vats with Kreludite while scoring 200 on Freaky Factory.

NOTE: This challenge replaces the sponsor challenge for some.
Grundo Thief Plushie
3 A Perfect Ten Send feedback with a score of ten (best) for any qualifying game.

NOTE: You must click on this icon (it is labeled as "Rate this game"):

In the pop up window, click on the radio button above '10' and then submit your feedback.
Chocolate Mynci Noses
4 Secret Game Challenge

Make Your Move!
Take on your Meepit foes and rack up a score of 250 in Meepit vs. Feepit. Meepit vs Feepit Action Figure Play Ring
5 Keep Your Feet On The Ground Get a score of:
Small Glass of Wheat Grass

Day 5 - November 29th

# Title Challenge Prize
1 Formidable As The Goal Of Hatching A Draik Egg Send your score in fourty-five different qualifying games. Mounted Certificate
2 A Towering Achievement Help Jimmi and Woogy bounce all the way to a score of 125 on Super Hasee Bounce. Super Hasee Bouncy Balls
3 Set Your Sights On The Best View the high score list of twenty different games. Neopian Statistics
4 Secret Game Challenge

Station-ary Target
Protect the Space Station by scoring 150 on Evil Fuzzles From Beyond The Stars. Evil Fuzzle Blaster
5 Get Up To Speed Get a score of:
Stackable Warfs Playset

Day 4 - November 28th

# Title Challenge Prize
1 Ambitious As Wanting To Paint Your Neopet Royal Send your score in thirty different qualifying games. Framed Certificate
2 A Rather Grave Situation Travel through the tombs and post a score of 100 on Mutant Graveyard of Doom II. Mutant Kacheek Squeezy Toy
3 Think Hard, Now... Rate the difficulty of one qualifying game.

Tip: Rate the difficulty of Dar-Blat a 10.

Click on the last coloured difficulty bar on a qualifying game page.

Easy-to-make Insta-meal
4 Secret Game Challenge

Tomb For Improvement
Lay those Ghost Petpets to rest and earn a score of 75 on Ghost Bopper. Ghostly Greeble Punching Bag
5 Dark Times Ahead Get a score of:
Dark Faerie Scroll

Day 3 - November 27th

# Title Challenge Prize
1 Demanding As Completing A Secret Laboratory Map Send your score in fifteen different qualifying games. Impressive-looking Certificate
2 Don't Get Scooped! Dodge the ice cream scoops and earn a score of 1500 on Ice Cream Machine. Extordinary Ice Cream Cookbook
3 Many Happy Returns In game room search, enter a search term that gives at least 5 results.

Tip: Search "ball" "game" or "chia"

Daemon Goggles
4 Secret Game Challenge

Break The Ice
Guide Dieter past the Snow Wurms on the way to a score of 500 on Snowmuncher. Fluffy Dieter Plushie
5 Test The Waters Get a score of:
Orange Yurble Janitor Action Figure

Day 2 - November 26th

# Title Challenge Prize
1 Challenging As Buying One Of Each Codestone Send your score in five different qualifying games. Fancy Certificate
2 Red Means Stop Gather up the Neggs (except red ones) while scoring 100 at Meerca Chase. AAA Key Quest Token
3 Three Of A Kind Add three qualifying games to your favourites. Popular Games Guidebook
4 Secret Game Challenge

Bombs Away!
Blast those invaders till you've reached score 200 in Chia Bomber 2. Ridiculously Large Water Balloon Cannon
5 In The Hot Seat Get a score of:
Unidentified Grilled Meat

Day 1 - November 25th

# Title Challenge Prize
1 Easy As Creating A Bottled Sand Gallery Send your score in one qualifying game. Simple Certificate
2 Get The Drop... Get a score of 1000 in Capri Sun's Rabbid Droppings. Puzzle Magazine
2a Far From Gnome Get a score of 170 in Wingoball.

NOTE: This challenge replaces the sponsor challenge for some.
Puzzle Magazine
3 Finished In A Flash Rate the difficulty of a qualifying game.

Click one of the coloured difficulty bars on a qualifying game page.

Thick Red Pen
4 Secret Game Challenge

Anyone Got A Match?
Get a score of 75 in Kiko Match II. Wooden Kiko Puzzle
5 Rise And Shine! Get a score of:
Neopian Sunrises

Trophies - Number Of Challenges Complete

Level 1
(Challenges 1 - 4)

Level 2
(Challenges 5 - 9)

Level 3
(Challenges 10-14)

Level 4
(Challenges 15 - 19)

Level 5
(Challenges 20 - 24)

Level 6
(Challenges 25 - 29)

Level 7
(Challenges 30 - 34)

Level 8
(Challenge 35)