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Frumball Information
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Heads up! This game requires the Shockwave plugin to run, which was discontinued in 2019, but became hit or miss with its functionality before that. You will likely be unable to play this game unless you have an older computer running older versions of your operating system/web browser (which we do not recommend for security reasons).

Gormball? Nah. Zurroball? Eh, no. Wingoball? Not even one of the original three! Let's play Frumball!

One of the older Neopets games, Frumball is your basic pong take-off set in the Virtupets Space Station. It's also one of the more unique games because it doesn't have a plot, or at least a backstory; you play for the sake of playing. What a novel idea.


The object of the game is to destroy all of the balls at the top of the screen by hitting them with your little ball, which you can manipulate by means of your bat. Your bat always stays at the bottom of the screen, though; you can only move it to the left and right, using your mouse to do so. Basically, this is a Virtupets version of Korbat's Lab.

Your stats are displayed at the bottom of the screen, but don't take your eyes off of the balls very often!

Your bat isn't flat, however; you can use its slant to hit your ball just about every which way. If your ball falls past your bat and disappears, you lose one of your three lives (even if you missed it by that much). You guide your bat just by moving your mouse to the right or left.

A bit dull, but not easy.

Note: You will need to have a Shockwave plug-in installed on your computer to play Frumball. It's not monitored nor owned by Neopets, and neither are they or Jellyneo responsible for it; make sure to get your parents' permission to install it or have them do it for you if you don't already have it installed.


At the beginning of every level, you're given a three-second countdown until the ball launches from your bat. It will go straight up, giving you the opportunity to aim precisely. Whenever you lose a life, you're given the same countdown to re-aim with.

When you destroy a bigger one, your ball will simultaneously bounce off of it instead of flying right through. You complete each level by getting rid of all of the bigger balls, and (apart from the bonus from certain power-ups) that's the only way to score points. Some of the bigger balls are also indestructible; they just provide obstacles and don't require destruction to get to the next level.

On later levels, you'll also encounter some balls that require two hits to destroy; they're tricky, though, as they look identical to regular ones.

Your ball will bounce off of them, but they're there to stay.

As each level progresses your ball will fly faster and faster, and as you advance through the levels it seems to speed up even more. The challenge of the game is in destroying the balls, no matter how difficult their pattern is to hit.


When you destroy one of the bigger balls, a power-up will occasionally drop from it for you to collect with your bat (by positioning your bat under it). Some will affect your bat, some your ball, others your score.

All power-ups are small, colored balls with a letter or symbol on them which occasionally flashes. They all look similar, making it very hard to tell them apart when they drop quickly. If you can't instantly recognise a power-up as being one that will assist you, then I would advise you to keep out of its way, just in case.

The black 3 gives you three extra lives!
The cyan A will restart the level that you are currently playing.
The red C is the Crazy Bounce power-up, which makes your ball defy physics and occasionally bounce in the opposite way that it should.
The cyan D gives you the Double Balls power-up, which gives you another ball to bounce around. If one falls past your bat, though, you won't lose a life.
The gray E enlarges your bat to about double its original length.
The cyan G gives you the Glue power-up. It keeps the ball stuck to your bat whenever the two touch, letting you launch it off again anywhere with a click of your mouse.
The green H causes a Chokato to appear on the screen, and will also grant you 1000 bonus points!
The black I grants you the Indestructaball power-up, which lets your ball smash through the big ones like they weren't even there.
The red J is the Neopoints Galore! power-up; one bag of Neopoints after another falls until you miss one! They seem each award about 75 points.
The green L slows down your ball.
The red M is the Multi-Balls power-up, which supplies you with three more balls to bounce around.
The red O is a money power-up, which makes a bag of Neopoints drop from the top of the screen for you to catch yet again. It awards about 200 points.
The orange P speeds up your ball.
The lavender Q is the Invisiball power-up, which shrinks your ball to a tiny size.
The green S shrinks your bat to half of its original length.
The lavender T gives you another bat on each side of your first one, but its effects are negated when you collect another power-up.
The black V will cause The Pant Devil to fall from the top of the screen; if he hits your bat you will lose all but 5 of your points but won't lose a life.
The black W warps you to the next level without losing any points.
The black X gives you one extra life.
The orange/yellow Z warps you three levels ahead in the game.

This list may be incomplete. If you know of another power-up, please tell us in a Bug Report. Thanks to Joshua for contributing this way.

Unfortunately, collecting one will cancel out the effect of the last one you've gotten. That means that if you got a Double Ball and then get an Indestructaball, even if you still have both balls from the Double Ball, one will disappear. Extra lives and points don't get taken away, though, unless in the case of lives you lose them.


There are two built-in cheat codes in the game, but one is particularly nefarious when you're playing for Neopoints or a high score. By typing kougra at the beginning of any level, you can skip that level but you will lose all of your collected points. You can use it as many times as you like, so it's fine if you just want to see all the different levels.

The other code is frumball, which gives you an extra life when typed at any point in the game; it can only be used once per game, however.

The secret of playing is simply to be patient and always keep an eye on your ball. Frumball is old and classic, but still difficult. Have fun!

"No, play Gormball! It's so much cooler than stinky Frumball!"

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