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Fruit Machine

Fruit Machine Information
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Located in the heart of scenic Sakhmet City, The Neopets Fruit Machine is a game of chance similar to a slot machine. Three Neopets each hold up a card showing a random fruit; if the two fruits on the left match, you'll receive some Neopoints and the fruit depicted. If you're lucky enough for the same fruit to come up on all three cards, however, you could win a greater number of Neopoints and rare items.

Game Screen
Roll up, roll up, step right this way!


The table below shows the prizes that you can win from Fruit Machine. Bear in mind that you will only receive a prize if the matching fruits are held by the Aisha and the Kau, or by all three. If you would like to know more about a specific prize, simply click on it to be taken to the Item Database.

Winning Spins
Spin Result Prize
Bagguss Bagguss 100 NP + Bagguss
Bagguss Bagguss Bagguss 1,000 NP
Tchea Fruit Tchea Fruit 250 NP + Tchea Fruit
Tchea Fruit Tchea Fruit Tchea Fruit 2,500 NP
Ummagine Ummagine 500 NP + Ummagine
Ummagine Ummagine Ummagine 5,000 NP + Random Petpet
Cheops Plant Cheops Plant 750 NP + Cheops Plant
Cheops Plant Cheops Plant Cheops Plant 15,000 NP + Random Battle Muffin
Ptolymelon Ptolymelon 1,000 NP + Ptolymelon
Ptolymelon Ptolymelon Ptolymelon 20,000 NP + Random Battle Muffin + Random Paint Brush
Puntec Fruit Puntec Fruit 2,500 NP + Puntec Fruit
Puntec Fruit Puntec Fruit Puntec Fruit 25,000 or more NP + Random Paint Brush + 3 Random Faeries
+ Strength/Level Increase (applied to active pet)

Once the machine has been set spinning, you can safely close the window or move to another page. Any prizes you win will be sent to your inventory -- you don't need to wait around to receive them.

Note: The high score table for Fruit Machine is currently inactive.


  • A fruit machine is a variety of slot machine found in the United Kingdom, so named for the symbols appearing on its reels depicting fruits.
  • Originally, the Neopets Fruit Machine had a rotating cast made up of an Aisha, a Kau, an Elephante, a Pteri, and a Blumaroo. Each time you visited, three of the five would be holding the cards; you can see what they looked like here.
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